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Apr 22, 2009 11:22 AM

Il Pavone - Asbury Park

Just wanted to push my latest go-to spot. Il Pavone on Cookman Ave (just east of Old Man Raffertys) in Asbury. They do have a website but it is still under construction:

In any case, they make the most kickass sorbets that I have ever had. Current favorite is chocolate cherry with chunks of dark chocolate in it. I am not a fan of gelato (theirs or anyone elses) but everyone who has had it has nothing but rave reviews for it. I can, however, attest to the greatness of their pastires. Always fresh and delish. They also have a full complement of coffees and drinks.

Wow, have I gushed enough. I just feel like it is important to support the little local guys who get it right.

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  1. stopped in last night after an on-par dinner at Brickwall (skirt steak sandwich for her, half-rack for me, amazing Drunken Mussels for app that were made with White Belgian Ale and a spicy butter sauce)....

    Il Pavone knocked us out... met the co-owner and gelato chef Tricia, who was not only great to talk with but gushed with confidence and creativity (she's working on a blueberry gelato but won't sell it until it's right, she only uses fresh fruit)... I had hazelnut/chocolate and she had a vanilla with hardened chocolate over the top, which turned into sort-of chocolate chip... I highly recommend Il Pavone, walk if you can't find a parking spot.

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    1. re: aklein

      went last nite. I had biscotta - she had cafe
      wonderful and I do not like gelato, but this could take the place of ice cream!

      1. re: tuxedo

        I've got to give this place a try. However, I must admit to being forever spoiled by the ethereal product sampled recently at Capogiro in Philly.

        1. re: bgut1

          at the very least, it will save you a trip to philly, and any person with discerning taste, I think, is sure to like this place

          fyi to all: here's the link----

    2. And they serve Petite Cafe Stuffed Cupcakes!!!! Lots of flavors!