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Apr 22, 2009 11:07 AM

Heirloom tomato seedlings

I may be jumping the gun on the season, but does any one have any suggestions where these might be become available in the GTA, such as Farmer's markets? Thanks.

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  1. I had to start mine from seeds available at the Home Depot. They were easy to start in peat pucks if you want to do it the old fashion way.

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    1. re: mactoo

      I don't know for sure, but I doubt that the seeds sold by Home Depot are heirloom varieties. Colette Murphy of Urban Harvest is a good source for organic, heirloom seeds, seedlings and plants.

      1. re: Tatai

        Some mainstream stores might be coming on to the bandwagon. I wouldn't be surprised if HD had them. I was in a local Zellers last year and found a variety of heirloom vegetable seeds. Brandywine is your most approachable heirloom in the mass market.

    2. Richters Herbs in Goodwood has an enormous selection of unique seeds and plants. Their on-line catalog gives descriptions and uses for plants. Also a nice day trip if you want to pick them up in person...

      Richters Herbs
      357 Hwy 47, Goodwood, Ontario L0C 1A0

      1. Humber Nurseries carries a number of heirloom tomatoes plants, as well as lots of non-heirloom. They're on highway 50 south of highway 7 (near the airport). Take highway 427 north to the wnd at highway 7, turn left and go 1 km or so to highway 50, then turn south. it's 1/2 km or so on the right. Phone first to see if they're in yet, since it may be a little early.

        I like the Brandywines.

        1. Fiesta Farms often has an excellent selection of vegetables especially tomatoes. It's worth a try for heirloom -- I'll be checking there this year.

          1. Most farmer's markets should have them. I know Riverdale farmers market and Withrow and Brickworks have had them.
            I've seen them at the big carrot on Danforth.
            I bought them one year from a random stranger on craigslist. It was like a drug deal, except for tomato plants.