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Apr 22, 2009 10:51 AM

Sunday Night Large Party Recommendations, Richmond, VA

Hi! I am a senior about to graduate from University of Richmond. Of course I have waited too long to try to get reservations on a Sunday night for 12 people. I am looking for an upscale restaurant, preferably not a chain, that will serve innovative food. The big issue is that I need a Sunday night reservation and most of the nice places don't seem to be open on Sundays. I have already tried Verbena and they are already booked for 2 other graduation dinners. I need to please some relatively snobby relatives so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1.'s on East Cary and they do a great job with large parties and it's a great place with terrific food, atmosphere, and service and is perfect for a graduation party. They have plenty of parking across the street as well. Click on my profile and you'll find the link to my blog with a number of reviews on the place (tag: Sensi). They are open on Sunday night :-)

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      i'll second sensi and add patina grill & DD33. or maybe TJs at the jefferson.

    2. Here is a link to a recent thread that covers places in town that are open on Sundays.

      Of those the ones that would have a reasonable amount of room to accomodate 12 that I'm familiar with would be Can Can and Edo's Squid. You could also try the steak houses: Morton's (Slip), Fleming's (Stony Point), and Bookbinder's (Tobacco Row).

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        Edo's definitely is not upscale and the issue with CanCan is the noise is SOOO loud. Flemings is a good idea but a steakhouse really isn't innovative.

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          Janet, of course, is correct. I shouldn't post when jet lagged.