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Apr 22, 2009 10:43 AM

I love artichokes

Looking for recs for good produce sellers in DC/MoCo/HoCo, hate the beat up pods of green "gold" in Safeway. Also resturant recs are welcome.


p.s. happy earth day

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  1. chevy chase supermarket always has big beautiful expensive artichokes, also balducchis sometimes

    grilled artichokes where ever you can find them- Houstons has them but you have to ask

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      I've gotten some nice chokes from H Mart in the last couple of weeks.

      Dino, in Cleveland Park, had some fried baby purple artichokes from CA on the menu last week; you might check to see if they're still there.

    2. I've been buying the boxes of baby artichokes at Whole Foods (the Glover Park one in my case). Nice flavor, and easy to clean.

      1. Thank you for all the suggestions!