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Apr 22, 2009 10:33 AM

lunch place halfway between Staten Island & Princeton

I am looking for a decent place to have lunch in central/southern jersey preferably off route 1. So many chains!

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  1. what kind of place are you looking for....and how far north on rt 1 are you willing to go? if you go down route 1through edison, you're opening up a lot more non-chain food choices.

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    1. re: ronacann

      Anywhere between The Outerbridge and Princeton that serves real food.

      1. re: beachpack

        Skylark Diner is a good choice!

        If you are looking for something else...Gourmet, Chinese, Sushi, Indian, Thai, etc.. post additional details regarding your dining requirements.

        1. re: shabbystorm

          I'm thinking that it should be REALLY GOOD FOOD. Ethnic is preferable. Fresh, tasty special.

          1. re: beachpack

            Edison is not half way, it's only 10 minutes from Staten Island and 35-40 minutes from Princeton.

            A good place in the middle on Rt. 1 is Indigo Indian Restaurant in North Brunswick.


        2. re: beachpack

          Meat and potatoes? Deli? Fish? If you know exactly what you want your guaranteed to get a suggestion that will make you happy. With a distance that open your options are broad for any style of food.

      2. Maybe Pihari Taverna in Highland Park? Greek BYOB right off of Rt. 1South.

        I don't know what you like, but I just had lunch there today. I just love the place!

        1. Loucas Italian in Edison is about 1 mile off Route 1 on Route 27 and is a good choice for lunch.
          About 1/2 way between SI and Princeton.

          1. Harold's New York Deli in Edison should fit the bill.....


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            1. re: Tapas52

              I'm pretty sure the OP meant "ethnic" as in Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, etc. I am pretty sure Loucas and Harold's are not ethnic in that sense. Perhaps the OP should qualify.

              He/she should also indicate where in SI. SI's border is only ten minutes from Edison, but not all of Staten Islanders live at the border.

              1. re: aacharya

                re: the geography, one of beachpack's replies says between the outerbridge and princeton. I think Indigo fits the bill!