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Apr 22, 2009 10:11 AM

Bahn Mi in Queens? roosevelt ave?

I only ever go to Manhattan C-town for these. Any place in the sunnyside/woodside/elmhurst region? Flushing is too far from work for me. Thanks!

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  1. you can get one at thai son, which is at the 74th street stop. it's decent, but not remotely worth a trip. good sized, they toast the bread fresh and put in a fair amount of stuff, but it's hard to convince the guys to spice things up.

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    1. re: david sprague

      cool. I'll check it out, have a co-worker who's never had one. Roosevelt Island doesnt have the options he wants :)

      1. re: 2slices

        There's Banh Mi at Pho Bac in what we've unofficially dubbed "Asian Plaza" in Elmhurst. This Asian Plaza mini strip mall hosts Nusura (Thai), Penang (Maylasian), Pho Bac, Pho Bang (yes, two Vietnamese places) and Singha's Pizza, along with a gargantuan Asian supermarket with great greens and bountiful & cheap seafood.

        The Banh Mi is so so. Skimpy on the meat and flavor but some banh mi is better than no banh mi in a pinch.

        Pho Bac Restaurant
        (718) 639-0000
        8278 Broadway
        Queens, NY 11373

        1. re: starstuff

          the pho bac is the one in the back? ya, their banh mi sucks. have never had a good one in queens.

          1. re: bigjeff

            Yeah, but you could consider Elmhurst the Thai Town of NYC.

            1. re: MOREKASHA

              But there is no Thai sandwich to speak of, unfortunately (that I know of - would love to be wrong). This is one thing Vietnamese has over many other Asian cuisines.

    2. In Elmhurst, there's one on Grand Ave. I don't remember the name. It's about 3-4 blocks into Grand Ave. from Queens Blvd.

      It's been awhile so I can't vouch for the quality.

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      1. re: fhonmymind

        ya i had that banh mi before, it is nothing special; forget the name of the place but it was a couple storefronts down from the now-closed Chopsticks (indo-chinese joint). before the big hill leading to calamus ave.