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Apr 22, 2009 09:26 AM

Au Pied du Cochon - Miami

Haven't been, but saw the menu's up and what caught my eye was how expensive this place is for a bistro. Again, I haven't been so I can't comment on decor, service, etc., but when I hear bistro I think of a mid-range restaurant. Just like when you hear Cafe you don't think white tablecloths but when you hear Steakhouse you know it'll be rather expensive.

Did a quick comparison of the menu at APDC's Miami location vs. the one in Atlanta and the markups in MIA are absurd!

NY strip (w side) in ATL: $28 versus $41 in Miami

Bone-in Ribeye (w side) in ATL: $32 versus $46 in Miami.

I thought the prices were high begin with. When compared to another location they're almost astronomical! Is it because of the South Beach location? Is it because of the expected tourist draw?

Here's links to full menus for both.

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  1. They figure that with Prime 112 and DeVito's as neighbors, nobody's even going to notice.

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      out of control. and 24 hours, seven days a week. after all that work and money spent on the place and in THIS economy?! Oy! good luck to 'em. That said they had permit issues and will open in May instead of April...