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Apr 22, 2009 09:04 AM

DC Food Gift

I'm visiting friends in STL this weekend and we've all decided to bring a food gift "unique" to our home cities to our hosts as a thank you. Are there any (airplane transportable) foods that you would consider distinctly "unique" to DC? Was thinking maybe Teaism cookies (although they originate from Maine, I think), Obama chocolates, something cherry-blossom-ish, but I don't know what that is. Would love a really great idea!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I grew up there and had never heard of scrapple or half-smokes until I moved here.

    Uncle Brutha's hot sauce
    ACKC and Biagio have some locally crafted chocolates

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      Just curious..what does STL stand for? Thanks,,,

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        Scrapple is common to a lot of places; if BCB has uncooked half smokes that is half an idea; another this time of year (I don't know how well it freezes or travels) would be shad roe. I'd say blue crabs but most come from further south along the seaboard, though they would certainly be different than what they'd find in STL! Then there is the fall back which is anything with a political theme (Obama cupcakes-- I'll let you decide what the frosting/cake combo is on that one).

      2. I have sent Mayorga coffee when faced with this question.

        1. Do you live in the city or the 'burbs?

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            Thanks, all! I live in the city, huesmann, Logan Circle area. I think I may stop at ACKC tomorrow and pick up some truffles. "Locally made" works for me, even if not distinctly DC. Hopefully the chocolate and brie truffle will be a novelty to them (it is really delicious!).

            1. re: jcwexler

              At ACKC, pick up some Kingstowne Chocolate bars-They are amazing!! Various flavors.