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Apr 22, 2009 06:34 AM

BBQ restaurant smokers (split from Ontario)

Sorry if my knowledge is limited being a backyard smoker dude...(actually i had to tame the smoke on my Brinkmann home unit).... but don't restaurants use gas or electric industrial units with smoke pellets or limited wood as the flavour and not the heat source?

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  1. The heat source is actually irrelevant when it comes to this style of cooking, you can use anything and if you add wood which makes smoke you will get a smoke ring and flavour. A good BBQ person (we aren't talking grilling like the vast majority of people in Ontario do - two totally separate things) can get smoke flavour and a ring cooking on pretty much anything. All the gas / electric does is allow you the ability to set the unit and forget it as heat is constant (gas is better than electric for this purpose though). Commercial (restaurants) companies need this ability as paying someone to monitor the charcoal would be a full time job on itself which would definitely add to the overall cost of the food you buy.

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      Got you think these other places simply add low quantities of wood for the smoke for either pleasing the masses or cutting costs, or a bit of both? I go on business to Oshawa once a quarter so next time will definitely drop into your place....sorry off topic i know...

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        I highly doubt it's cutting costs, we smoke in here every day and bought a half cord of wood almost a year ago and are just finishing it up now. Thats like only $150.00. Most commercial smokers you don't need a lot of wood in to get that flavour by any means.

    2. I was part owner of a barbecue restaurant for several years before selling my interests in it. For our part, we used a cooker that was powered by gas, and we just added pecan wood to the firebox 4 or 5 times a day. In my opinion, it doesn't take very much wood at all to get that barbecue smoke flavor into your meat....Some of the worst barbecue I've had was due to the fact that all it tasted like was smoke.

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        Hi, yeah sounds like my early trial and error bbqing in the know when the guests dont finish the ribs but finish the accompaniments that something was wrong....that strong stingy taste which is a term that always escapes me....thank goodness I dont screw up like that anymore....more is NOT ALWAYS better.

      2. The Only way to do BBQ properly is with hardwood and fruitwood only. Low and slow, no gas, no pellets.

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          I hear you....but BusterRhino's comment on having units that tend to themselves will make price point difference for sure...I met Earl Whyte last year (very nice man) while buying some apple wood from him (he does not sell it regularly, he kept seeing my 'Wanted' posts on Craigslist and felt sorry for me I think) he showed me all his rigs...and asked him his thoughts on one of his pellet smokers he has and he commented that it does not add that much smoke to the equation as other methods....judging from his rigs and experience, I would take is word as gold...