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Apr 22, 2009 08:47 AM

Please help me plan my Foodie itinerary to NO


I am going to NO with my girlfriend and need help on where to go eat.
I would like to go to 1-2 very nice restaurants for dinner, 2-3 mid range restaurants for dinner.
4 lunches 3 breakfasts.

I am looking for a nice mix of fine dining and authentic good food. I don’t have all the money in the world, but I want to eat well. I like all foods and really want to experience what this great city has to offer. Any recommendations on where to get good value.

What do you recommend?
Please help?

I have read allot of the posts online.
People seem to recommend:
NOLA, Stella, Cafe du Monde , Parkway Bakery, Magazine St. Poboys, Guy's Poboys, Boucherie, Eat, Lola, Pascal's Manale,
Bourbon House, Emeril Delmonico, Bayona, Port of call, August, Commanders Palace, Casamentos, Elizabeths, Johnny’s Po Boys, Cochon

Big list I know, I can’t go to all of these places because of limited time and money. What should be skipped and what can't be missed?

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  1. Skip NOLA.
    You have four po-boy places listed. Pick one.
    Skip Pascale's Manale.
    At Bourbon House the BBQ shrimp are good...skip everything else.

    I've ordered each most expensive on down

    For breakfast: These are all roughly the same price range)
    Petunia's (EAT is BYOB is you like to have bloody mary's or mimosas)

    Parkway Bakery OR Magazine St. Poboys
    Commander's Palace (if you like martinis CP could be cheaper than Cochon since CP has a great lunch martini deal!)

    Lite Bite:
    Casamento's (raw oysters)
    Bourbon House (BBQ Shrimp)


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      Thank you very much for your detailed post. I really appreciate it!!!
      I will be in town Thursday May 28-Monday June 1. Do you know of any food related events going on around town?

      1. re: carnivore1964

        I don't know of any food festivals at that time.

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        Try Green Godess, Cochon, Galatoires uptown for dinner. Mimi's in the Marigny for tapas, The Joint for BBQ, Bachhanal for the Sunday dinners in the backyard, EAT and Elizabeths are great for brunch. If you want to venture out of NOLA, take a 45 minute drive out to La Provance, it's John Besh's best restaurant. Much of the food is farmed right on the site..

      3. I gotta get my two cents in for Brigtsen's.

        We have vowed that no NOLA trip will be made without one dinner at this wonderful restaurant.

        We have recommended Brigtsen's to friends. One couple skipped our recommendation two years ago. They finally dined at Brigtsen's last month and KICK themselves for discounting our recommendation.

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        1. re: Monch

          Brightsens is definitely a great choice!

          1. re: Monch

            Since the OP wanted to add something mid-priced I'd actually recommend removing August in favor of Brightsens.

          2. Just got back from my first ever New Orleans trip. My girlfriend and I were there for 3 nights and four days and ate at 11 different restaurants. Stayed at the Sheraton on Canal St. which gave us great access to the whole city. I should mention that I am a chef by trade, have traveled extensively worldwide, and can easily say that New Orleans rivals the best of the best food cities in its own charming way.

            Day One:

            Cafe au Lait and Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
            Muffaletta at Central Grocery
            Oysters at Acme Oyster house (not recommended, go to Casamentos)
            Cocktails at Napolean House
            Dinner at Olivier's (Decatur St.)

            Day Two:
            Cafe au Lait and Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
            Walk the Garden District, Roast Beef Po Boys at Parasol
            Second lunch of raw oysters and oyster stew at Casamento's on Magazine St.
            Dinner at Cochon on Tchoupitoulas St.

            Day Three:

            Skip breakfast, head to Uptown.
            Oyster/Shrimp Po Boys at Domilise's
            Second Lunch of 2.5 lbs. boiled Crawfish at Frankie and Johnny's
            Walk off the calories.
            Dinner at Brigtsten's- Shrimp Bisque, Rabbit Tenderloin, Duck, Seafood Dinner, Strawberry Shortcake

            Day Four:

            Cafe Du Monde.
            Buy a muffaletta and take it to the airport.

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            1. re: Debrouillard

              good job eating! thanks for reporting and hurry back.

              1. re: Debrouillard

                Impressive list of restaurants you ate at. very well done.

              2. I'm in the same boat - i love the food but like coming home with at least 2 cents in my pocket!!
                If price is no option, try Stella! It is the best meal I've ever had in my life. Granted, it was $100 (each!) but it was amazing.
                Commander's Palace is also good (and, really, what's a trip to NO without going to Commander's?) they have a prix fix menu option for about $40 for soup, main course and dessert. I don't remember the exact details, but check their website. The atmosphere, the Garden District neighborhood, the building, the food - all combine together to make it an amazing NOLA memory. And it's across from a cemetery for pete's sake!!
                Lola is also really good. Their chicken and andouille paella is amazing as is their garlic butter you get before the meal. Yum! And it's not pricey - i think the paella was about 13 bucks?Great atmosphere inside and out. The restaurant is on upper esplanade near bayou st. john and they have a nice outdoor sitting area where people drink wine, talk and wait for their tables (no reservations). it's in a residential area so you're surrounded by beautiful homes and huge oak trees. It's definitely a fun (and delicious) place to feel like you're a native New Orleanian.
                And, lastly, if you don't go to Cafe Du Monde on your trip, well then you might as well not go!! You may even find yourself sneaking there 2 or 3 times in a day.
                Hope this helps!!

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                  Lola's paella is greatly improved with some of their spicy mojo sauce. Their sangria is good as well.

                2. Emeril' good we dine there several times a month. Get the Abita bacon (porkbelly )salad, andouille crusted redfish or double cut Neiman Ranch porkchop w/ tamarind glaze, poblano mole and roasted candied sweet potatoes. If you really like bananas, get the banana cream pie. Commander's for lunch in the garden room (m-f), 25 cent martinis...limit 4 lol, best trurtle soup, bloody marys, strawberry shortcake, bread pudding souffle.. Herbsaint, Brigtsen's, Cafe Giovanni ( get the chef's "feed me" only). Port O Call for burgers. Willie Maie's or Jacques Imos for fried chicken. Pick up a muff. at Central to bring home. They travel and hold up well.

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                  1. re: JazzyB

                    Thanks to all the chowhounders for healing me plan my trip. It was really fantastic and delicious. Tthe people of the city for being so warm and hospitable. New Orleans is truly a beautiful and special place and I can’t wait to come back.

                    Here is where my girlfriend and I ate:
                    -Café du monde: Beignets were good, but I am not the biggest fan of doughnuts so it didn’t knock my socks off.

                    - Parasol for a roast beef poboy – oh boy was this ever good. Sort of like pulled pork only beef. Really amazing.

                    -Couchon: I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant, it really surpassed my expectations. The oyster loaf was amazing as were the fried pig ears, the ribs and the zucchini salad. I only wish I could have come here again on my short visit. I will remember this meal for awhile.

                    -Coops Place: I had the sampler plate here. The gumbo, jambalaya and fried chicken wing were all exceptionally good, really great home cooking.

                    -Stella: I had the risotto and the duck 5 ways. The risotto was good. To be honest I was expecting more from this restaurant after all the good reviews I read. The food was all sort of one note and I can barely remember what I ate, which is never a good sign. On a positive note, for a fine dining restaurant I found the prices to be reasonable.

                    -La Boucherie: great coffee, particularly the chicory coffee. The almond croissants, while not very traditional are really amazing.

                    -Mahonies: We had the fried green tomato and shrimp remoulade po boy. This was our single worst meal in New Orleans. The bread was stale and the shrimp had a freezer burn taste. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this at all. We also were very obviously not enjoying ourselves and the staff didn’t seem to care.

                    -Frank and Johnnies: This is a great local seafood joint. We had the crawfish, they were delicious, but a bit on the spicy side.

                    -Brightons: A great old fashioned fine dinning restaurant. I had the seafood platter and my girlfriend had the veal, both were excellent. The blueberry dessert was really incredible.

                    -Petunia’s: Great breakfast place with a long lineup. We had the best French toast ever there. I had a shrimp crepe as well, but there was a bit too much melted cheese top for my liking.

                    -Mothers: I know the board says this place is a tourist trap, but the fergi special po boy is really great. The ham is really great as was the “debri”. The bread pudding was also really really great.

                    -Franks: central grocery and napoleon house were both closed Sunday so we didn’t have a lot of options for muffalettas. The muffaletta was disappointing and this sandwich is nothing to write home about.

                    For next time we visit:
                    Parkway Bakery
                    Domilice's Cassamettos
                    Central grocery
                    Willie Mae’s Scotch House
                    Commander's Palace
                    Couchon again

                    Thanks again New Orleans for being so great!!

                    1. re: carnivore1964

                      Glad you had a good trip. Sorry you had such a bad time at Mahony's. I haven't been impressed either. The only good thing I've had there is a meatball poboy. Everything else has been fair to bad. Oh well, sounds like you did well overall. Is there any chance you mean Boulangerie rather than Boucherie?

                      1. re: N.O.Food

                        I think he means La Boucherie coffee shop on Chartres St. in the Quarter, which is my regular coffee shop near work. They get the pastries from La Louisiane bakery, and they do have traditional almond croissants in addition to almond crescents, which are not the flaky pastry, but more of a glazed almond cookie with both ends dipped in chocolate. I'm pretty sure that's what he's talking about.

                        1. re: uptownlibrarian

                          You are right, It was la boucherie coffee.