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Dinner near the Paramount Theater in Aurora, IL?

pm1214 Apr 22, 2009 08:25 AM

My bf and I are going to the Paramount Theater in Aurora on Thursday night...and wanted to grab dinner somewhere in the vicinity of the theater before the show. I'd like to avoid eating at a big box chain....any ideas for some fun food? Thanks!

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    LikestoEatout Apr 22, 2009 10:16 AM

    You don't have to worry about a big box chain near the Paramount, there aren't any. Walter Payton's Roundhouse is 3 blocks away, a great place to eat anytime! The setting is dramatic, an old restored Roundhouse, you can eat in the large open dining room or maybe a quicker meal at the bar area. It also houses the Walter Payton Museum which has Walter's Super Bowl ring and trophies amongst many other photos and memorabila, Walter was a a part owner and very active in the restaurant.

    Otherwise, within a short walk ( one block) is Hollywood Casino which has several restaurants within, haven't been in a while and I know they were all renovated recently. There is not much else downtown, a number of mom and pop Mexican spots including Tacalitan on South Broadway which is open breakfast through dinner and has good basic Mexican family style food. Across from the Casino, Ballydoyle's just opened a restaurant similiar to their Downers Grove location, it's been getting rave reviews from people I know.


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      Foodie Mom Jun 3, 2009 03:54 PM

      While I have often had it reported to me that the food at the Roundhouse is quite good, I no longer recoomend it. I work in the Aurora area and I am often called upon to make reservations for executives and visiting dealers and customers and we used to use Roundhouse a lot. However their service the last 3 times I have sent people there - and the last 10 times reported to me by my peers at work have been terrible. I had a very important client dinner take place there on a Sunday and had made reservations for my group. Upon their arrival (which was on time) my group was told "you had better hurry up and eat because we are closing the kitchen". This was after me making the reservation, explaining that it was an impoertant customer dinner and confirming twice that this late reservation was ok and that there wouldn't be any problems with my group arriving for a late dinner (if you consider 8:30 a late dinner for a Sunday!) My group was then rushed through their dinner service and all but thrown out.

      The downstairs interior is nice, the patio area is beautiful but their banquest facilites are so old and dilapidated that it baffles me that any bride would want to host a wedding there. I previously would book the banquet rooms for conferences, but after repeat bad reviews, a visit (I was horrified at the condition of the room my team was booked for - and to the tune of several thousand dollars of banquet fees) and an intersting conversation with their banquet coordinatror, I will no longer be using their facility and I warn people away from it. Their banquet coordinator told me I would need to pay an additional $$100 to access our room (which we were paing mightily for) an hour early in the morning. When I pointed out that no one else as usin the room at the time and that the crew was already in house, we were merely asking for set-up time and felt that this was an inapproriate charge, given all the business we sent there "well, we don't need your business." (I work for a Fortune 100 compny and I personally book about $50-100K of banquet business per year, plus 30-40 dinners per year.)

      So i took them at their word and no longer book them. As I said, I have heard their food is very nice, but their customer service is severly lacking and when confronted about it, they are rude and defensive.

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