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Apr 22, 2009 08:18 AM

Cook's Ilustrated online membership?


I keep getting emails offering 50% off the online membership price. I used to subscribe to the magazine, and did enjoy it, but stopped the subscription because I thought it was a bit pricey for a once-a-month magazine.
For those who have the membership, can you let me know what you love about it, and what you use it most for? If anyone had the membership but chose not to renew it, can you tell me why you let it lapse?
I know I will have access to recipes, techniques, videos, and the ratings for equipment but do I really need all that?
I must say, when I was getting the magazine, I resented the fact that I was not able to access the website.

  1. It infuriates me that magazines charge print subscribers to access the website. If I am paying you an annual fee to receive your magazine, when I could read for free at the library or bookstore, you have the obligation to provide me with your web content as well. While online subscriptions are a great way to reduce paper use, with a cooking magazine its a bit different. It's not like I can fold the cover of my computer back and lay it on my counter next to me while I'm cooking, splash grease on it, etc.

    Sorry, just ranting. I can't help you out, since I refuse to susbscribe to the same magazine twice.

    1. It was recently brought to my attention that you can access America's Test Kitchen online for free. At least in the print versions, there's a lot of overlap. Maybe that would give you what you want.

      1. This topic has been repeated on the Food Media and News board: Please continue the discussion there. Thanks!