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Apr 22, 2009 08:08 AM

Tasty Jerk (London)

Tasty Jerk is absolutely amazing. You need to take note that their Norbury location is no longer open. They've now got one on Whitehorse Road (Croydon) and another in Crystal Palace. I was at the former and wow is it good.

The first time we went we got a jerk pork meal and a jerk chicken meal. The amount of rice you get with a "meal" is absolutely epic. The jerk pork is the best I've ever had and the chicken is very respectable as well. Excellent peppa sauce, btw. They do a thin vinegary one, but not as vinegary as ei. Peppa's in Flatbush. The jerk pork has incredible layers of fat, meat, and skin which work together almost like pork belly. Meals are 6.50

The second time we went we had the mannish water (3) and a small order of jerk pork (4.50.) The small order of jerk pork comes with at least twice as much pork as the meal. It was great. I would definitely recommend that you only get one meal between two people as the amount of rice they give is huge. The mannish water was also great and was very similar to Nigerian goat water.

This is probably my favorite place in all of Croydon and the surroundings now.

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  1. glad to hear it!
    Jerk pork is a lot more hard to come by compared the the ubiquitous Jerk Chicken, and TJ's certainly rocks, will have to get down there soon

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      I'm glad you took note of our rec. They really do the best Jerk in South London. Around Easter they do Jerk lobster as well, they may still have it. It's STREAKS ahead of anything I've had in Brixton/Streatham/Tulse Hill, which I'm sure you'll agree, JFores.

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        How does it compare to Mr Jerk and Jerk City in Soho?

        1. re: pj26

          TJ is the real deal. It's no frills and look like a converted garage or something with steel drums used to cook the meat, as they do in Jamaica. You can probably see it half way up the road from all the smoke billowing out from the roof. The jerk pork is sublime fact it's all good. Jerk City and Mr Jerk is basically second rate, a nice venue and the food is okay, but TJ is authentic as it comes, e.g no scrimping on the spice! You really must give it a go pj26.

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            does anyone have recommendations for places around hackney? there seems to be a lot of them there

            1. re: t_g

              I'd be interested in places around Hackney as well - a bit closer for me than Croydon (as much as Tasty Jerk sounds great it's a big ask heading down there for some jerk!)

    2. This is THE best jerk center bar none. The jerk pork is out of this world, better than any i've had even in Jamaica. Authentic tasting properley seasoned slow drum cooked pork with just enough fat & crispy skin, I've been known to drive miles out of my way to visit this shack.
      The chicken is a bit of a let down compared to the pork & i've had better at several places in London. The hot pepper sauce can be brutal on occassions (be wary and just have it in the corner first time). The rice and pea is spot on & the fish (Tilapia) is good as well.
      They don't seem to do hardo bread, a slice with your pork would be the icing on the cake to snuff out the fire. FIRST CLASS.

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      1. re: peeniwally

        Thanks for the recommendation everyone. I had the pork jerk meal today, and wow. Never knew it could taste so good. Probably best for my health it's a near-impossible trek from where I live, but oh my gosh I want to go back.

        The inside (and to be fair, also the improbably crumbly outside) make you feel like you've just been teleported out of Britain. For added amusement try and sit down inside and eat your meal – each of the chairs I tried was broken in a comically different way. Hilarious times and and awesome place.