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Apr 22, 2009 08:00 AM

Vietnamese in Westchester?

Are there any good Vietnamese restaurants in Westchester? Been looking for some good pho...

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  1. Not are there only no good Vietnamese restaurants , there are none- anyone who opens a good one is probably guaranteed a success.

    1. It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham that there is zero/zip/zilch/nada Vietnamese available in Westchester County. Thankfully, I live in the Danbury area and get to Pho Vietnam which has excellent pho. But i work in White Plains and want some lunch options---it's unbelievable to me, not a single one in all of Westchester.

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        Although not great, the Vietnamese food at Hong Kong Chef is ok (at least the last time I had it when I worked around there a few years ago), and it is the only game in town! See attached thread from 2007:

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          hmmm, i've walked Mamaroneck Ave a million times and never seen this place. I will drive by specifically looking for it tonight. Thanks so much for posting this---it may not be the best pho but it will apparently have to do if i want a lunchtime fix!

      2. Anyone been to The Vietnam Restaurant in Spring Valley (Rockland)?

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          So a search of this board. All of this has been discussed before.