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Apr 22, 2009 07:42 AM

Just moved to Logan Circle and need tips!

Literally unpacking boxes from a move from Boston, and need some good ideas for dinners this week with friends who are stopping by to see the new digs. Already have tried Posto (wine list excellent, pizza?, service strong) and Marvin (fun, straightforward, loud)...any place else that I must go to immediately? Have been walking around...and so much looks interesting...

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  1. Rice on 14th is good Thai

    1. Welcome! As a fellow Bostonian I can tell you that when you miss the food of Boston summers you should check out Hank's Oyster Bar, a few streets away from Logan Circle. They have a great lobster roll (although some think it's a little pricey) and great meat and two specials. It's a solid, neighborhood restaurant with food that reminds me of my childhood in New England.

      I also like Cork---between Logan Circle and U St. area. It's a great neighborhood wine bar with yummy small plates. It can get very crowded really quickly, so I suggest going early. I have also heard from friends that live nearby that if you call as you are heading over they will put your name on the list. (Same goes for Hank's).

      Also in the same area is Cafe St. Ex. This a good place to get a drink with friends. I also like their Sunday Brunch. A lot of people rave about Bar Pilar, owned by the same folks and down the street. I've never been but have been meaning to try it.

      Also on U St. I love Creme....home-style cooking with a slight Southern bend. Just a really nice, solid neighborhood restaurant. The mushroom appetizer and coconut cake are excellent.

      You are in a good area---close to U St., Dupont and of course Logan Circle...lots of fun restaurants to explore.

      1. I love Bar Pilar on 14th St. - mostly small plates, mostly simple in terms of not a zillion ingredients, but very well thought out and well cooked. And a good bar, and nice staff, and in general a very friendly place to eat and drink.

        1. Some of my favorites in my hood:
          Bar Pilar is awesome and blows Cork out of the water. Thai Tanic also on 14th is quite good. Mr. Yogato frozen yogurt on 17th Street. Hot chocolate at ACKC. Etete on 9th street is worth the walk. Greek Spot for takeout. Spicy noodle soup at DC Noodles on U St.

          1. Don't forget to try the ONLY decent schezwan chinese take-out in the city... Great Wall at about 14th and P.