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Apr 22, 2009 07:39 AM

cook's illustrated - magazine or online?

i'm debating between subscribing to the magazine or the magazine is $24.95 / yearly vs $34.95 / yearly for the website. does anyone have an opinion as to which service they like better and why?


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  1. I'd go for the magazine just because they are nice and aren't trashy to keep around for a few months. The info online can usually be found in one form or another just by searching around, but that's just me. The $10 is a deciding factor also. That's a kick ass 6 pack of beer or a 12 pack of cheap-o domestic!

    1. I subscribe to the magazine and to the website. Cheap entertainment. Why not do both?

      However, if I had to subscribe to only one or the other, I'd choose the website because they have all their recipes organized so that you can retrieve them instantly. The problem with the magazine is that you can remember a recipe you liked from eighteen months ago and not be able to find it. The longer you subscribe to the magazine, the worse this problem gets. For example, you remember that Cooks Illustrated had a good recipe for pan sauces for chicken cutlets about five years ago. But was it five or seven years ago? Or were there two articles of a similar nature several years apart?

      They also publish bound volumes of their magazines with an index, and I also buy these, but they are much more pricey and you still can't find things anywhere near as fast as you can on line.

      I say all of the foregoing with reluctance because I like stretching out on the couch and reading my Cooks Illustrated, which you can't do online. Also, I like to browse and it is more fun and easier with old issues of the magazine than with websurfing. Still, for the cook who wants to make these recipes, the research ease inherent in the website tips me that way, if I had to choose. (And I have opted not to choose, my subscribing both ways. Besides, I want to keep these folks in business in a tough economic environment. They have the best cooking magazine out there.)

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        If the chicken pan sauce wasn't a generic example, and you're looking for the lemon sauce with prosciutto and sage, it was May & June 1999. Stellar.

      2. Spend your money on the bound annuals, you won't regret it. I have every year back to '93. Mine get a lot of use. Having each year bound together works great for storing on a bookshelf. Easy to reference. Easy to cook out of.

        1. I would get the magazine and then watch for a special rate for the website.

          Like many, they have different prices for their site from time to time.

          1. Personally, I'm happy with the website and the access to their "whole" library. With magazines, you're stuck with what you have.