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Apr 22, 2009 07:17 AM

Spartanburg SC Sat Night

We'll be in Spartanburg for an upcoming weekend, and would like recommendations for Saturday evening dinner. We love all kinds of food, and really enjoy wine. Where do you recommend?

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  1. No suggestions? I looked at other resources on line and saw a micro-brewery called Hops, any input on that? How's Carolina Barbeque? I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance....

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    1. re: Niki in Dayton

      Niki- I don't know much about s'burg and didn't reply because i was hoping you'd get some firsthand knowledge.

      S'burg is not known for fine dining. When in S'burg, I go to Wade's for pretty good meat and three food and the fantastic yeast rolls. Or the Beacon drive-in, iconic, but so, so heavy on the fat content that I dare not go more than once a decade.

      For more white-table cloth type stuff, there is a Justin's steak house. I've eaten at the one in Greer, it's not bad, and I think they would have decent wine. I wish I could be more help.

      1. re: danna

        Thanks, Danna, some CH input is better than none :-) I'd ask the folks we're visiting, but they think Olive Garden is wonderful, so we're not on the same wavelength. My impression of Wade's is that it's a family dining place, no alcohol, correct? We were looking for more of an adult type evening...

        1. re: Niki in Dayton

          I have always thought that Spartanburg was a forbidden city on CH, it never gets a mention.
          You should check out Gerhard's Cafe on East main, it should fit your needs. Pretty good bar too.
 although the website is down.

          1. re: Tee

            Oh man, is Gerhardts still there? We used to go there for Happy Hour back when I spent a couple of years working in Sparkle City. I don't recall the food being that great, but the beer was plentiful and usually cheap.

            There used to be a few nicer places in Spartanburg, but I haven't been there in a few years so I can't swear that they're still open. Ellis was good, as was Abbey's Grill. Wade's is definitely NOT an adult-type place. Have you considered driving over to Greenville?

            1. re: Suzy Q

              Yeah, no vino at Wades. Very VERY take-grandma-to-lunch-after-church vibe.

              Yeah, if you're driving, you could just get on 85 and accidentally go to Greenville! American Grocery or Northampton Wine Cafe would be my wine-centric choices. Northampton has a wine retail store attached, so you can pick your wines in the store and pay retail plus...I think it's a $10 corkage.

              If going to Am Grocery (no such cheaper wine option) you could start at Stellar Wine bar, for some 2 1/2 oz pours for fun.

              Or, you could get on I26 and accidentally drive to Hendersonville to WEst First Pizza (a very casual, but attractive place w/ fab pizza and pasta and bread and a good selection of decent quality inexpensive wines. No high-end stuff, but it's also not one of these '7 kinds of Chardonnay' places) or go to Asheville and hit Zambra where they have a very nice selection of Spanish wines.

              1. re: danna

                Actually, we're going to Greenville first, then spending the weekend in S'burg. We've been to Greenville before and know there are plenty of chow options there, but didn't really want to drive back on Saturday night. I appreciate the recommendations, though! We may check out Gerhards for a cocktail if not for chow :-) I'll report back, where ever we end up...

    2. Brasserie Ecosse is good. If you like Thai, the Lime Leaf is very tasty and for Indian, Five Spices is great and the people that work there are the best. Elizabeths is great for lunch. Have fun!

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      1. re: dmlewis

        Thanks! I appreciate the recommendations.

      2. Thai Taste is very good -- but probably like every other very good Thai restaurant.