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Apr 22, 2009 07:06 AM

Real cheesesteaks in Naples

The South Street City Oven & Grill, corner of Pine Ridge and Goodlette-Frank ( has good authentic cheesesteaks, with actual Cheeze Wiz, just like the ones in Philly. Also decent pizza and sliders, beer on tap, and a 50-foot long bar. We've been there twice, once for karaoke night (WAY too many depressing downer songs, but the Karaoke master has a good voice), and once on Dueling Pianos night (really fun, lots of crazing dancing, gets raunchier as the night wears on). Half-price pizza on Wednesdays.

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  1. Sweet Mama's Island Cuisine, along with authentic Caribbean food, serves White cheese Philly steak sandwiches, some days as specials Call them. Chef Sheraz also cooks real Italian, and can discuss Italian cities cuisines, cheeses, and even roads, she's been there. 336 9th Ave North, ( across from downtown NCH Hospital Wellness Center) Naples 331-8509

    Mister Five serves juicy Yellow, cheeze wiz type Philly steak sandwiches, and everything is $5, Brakfast of lunch, and the portions are great. Recommended.


    I've had average meals at South Street, and haven't written them up. Try nearby Alessio's for great pizza.

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      Hey, stranger! A co-worker and I tried Sweet Mama's today! Very nice!!! The special was Curry Chicken with rice and peas....she serves fried plantains with it, too--$6.99. (hot sauce on the side was habanero...perfect!) Two bone-in chicken thighs cooked to total tenderness and ample rice and peas; I could only eat half. Nice to know that their cheesesteak is good too. Wish we'd had 2 different dishes but that's how it turned out, we both had the curry. Owner is lovely; from Trinidad, mon!

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        Hey there!

        Chef Sheraz is a hoot- fun and feisty! I lenjoy talking food with her - she knows the particular cheeses, sauces and unique styles of each Italian village, let alone region of many areas of Italy. Yes, the meals are huge-my meal lasted over two meals for me.

        I just ran into Tomohaver and Mary at Charlie Chiangs-independently, we (and a couple dozen others) came to try their first run of their Saturday and Sunday 11:30-2:30 lunch dim sum (heart's delight) The chefs are direct from China, they know their stuff, and some dishes are terrific. I'll do a write up-I just wrote them up a week ago, however dim sim is like a Siren's call....

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          I've never had dim sum so that will be a new adventure for me!

          Chef Sheraz was born in Trinidad but she trained in Italy, you say? Very time I go in there, I'm going to ask her to make something that SHE loves to cook for people, if I can--it might end up being the cheesesteak that you had with the white cheese, who knows?

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            Thanks for the recs on Sweet Mama's and Mister Five. We're back at our summer address in Maryland now but will try them next season when we return.

            I agree that the food at South Street is only average - we were there primarily for the live music - but the cheesesteaks at least tasted just like I remembered from Philadelphia. No big deal, chow-wise - a cheesesteak is a pretty simple affair.

            It was great to see Insatiable at Charlie Chiangs dim sum. He was hard at work expertly photographing the food, and eating some of his models! I look forward to another mouth-watering review.

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              Hey, Tom!! Can you give me a beginner's lesson on dim sum? Is it small plates of yummy good stuff, sort of like tapas, only Chinese?? I want to go to CC soon but feel like I'll be lost, not knowing a thing about dim sum except that I want to try it! Thanks! (anyone else please chime in also)

              1. re: Val

                Hi, Val. Missed you at the last chowdown at IM Tapas.

                Yes, dim sum is sort of like Chinese tapas. Or more like a Chinese tapas family free-for-all. Lots of small plates to share, usually in the $4-5 range. In the most fun version, they wheel around carts laden with ready-to-eat dishes, and you pick what you want for your table. Whatever looks good or smells good. This is how they do it in most big-city Chinatowns, like in New York, Chicago, even Washington, DC. If you are less fortunate, you have to order from a menu - more orderly and less fun. Dim sum is typically a weekend lunch affair, often from 11 am -3 pm, and is very popular with large extended families. You can stay all afternoon, nibbling and sipping tea. Damn...I made myself hungry....

                Anyway, we're getting off the subject of this thread - sorry about that.

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          Go north to Bonita Springs and find Capriotti's. It's a branch of the original in Wilmington, DE and knows its stuff. In addition, they really know how to make a sub--they roast fresh turkey everyday.