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Apr 22, 2009 06:52 AM

Pre-Fest Breakfast

I am staying at the Embassy Suites near the Convention Center on Julia. Where would be good for a pre-fest breakfast? Nothing too heavy, as I want to leave room for food at the festival.

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  1. A bloody mary! LOL

    Surrey's on Magazine Street.

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    1. Blue Plate Cafe
      1330 Prytania St.

      Nice assortment of omlettes and outstanding grits.

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        1. re: Lebowski316

          Had the crawfish cakes there with cream sauce and it was really good. We didn't care for the pain perdu.

        2. Just eat at the Embassy Suites. They have a free breakfast spread. omletes made to order, etc. Save your money and energy for the fest. Have fun.

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          1. re: glynninnola

            Betsy's Pancakes on 2542 Canal St serves a great traditional breakfast. I go there whenever I visti New Orleans.

            1. re: professor shorthair

              I'm glad they didn't close after Betsy's murder. I wasn't sure how that was going to end up.

            2. re: glynninnola

              I have to agree, last time I was there, I had a couple of slices of bacon, a bagle and fruit, and it was fresh not canned, coffee, juice and I was set. They also had yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, omlettes, my friend had one with mushrooms and tomatoes which was really nice. I hate to say hotel food and miss the experience, but since you just want something light to start. I would consider it.