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Great Sunday brunch in Broward county?

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any recommendations? was going to schlep to Sundy House in Delray (from Aventura) but wondering if there's anything great in the Fort Lauderdale?

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  1. I have never been but River House in Ft. Lauderdale is supposed to have a nice brunch. I can't vouch for quality though....

    1. The River House is very nice. I've only been to Blue Moon Fish Co. in Ft. Lauderdale for a Mother's Day brunch (which was a madhouse), but I've heard that it's normally very good and the setting is lovely. I haven't been, but the review for the Sunday brunch at Pier 66 sounded very good.

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        damn, just called River House and they no longer do brunch or anything besides catering..thanks though! Will check into Pier 66.

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          Pier 66 is excellent - but pricy for brunch - $50 I think - another great often over looked alternative is the Plantation Golf Preserve - it is a beautiful setting, but of course you won't get the lobster/crab leg thing, but really good fresh made to order omlets and waffles and many other dishes! You do need reservations if it is a holiday - otherwise - you can usually get a seat.