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48 hours in Newport

I'll be going to Newport, RI at the end of May for 2 days. Can anyone recommend places to eat. Nothing too expensive. Love all kinds of food.

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  1. staying in town - walking distance?

    while we wait for that , you can search this board for newport. this is discussed many times

    1. The chowder at the Black Pearl really is as good as everyone says it is. You can get it in the bar and avoid the pricey restaurant. They also have what I believe is a local specialty drink called a bull shot. It is beef boulion and vodka. Strange, but should be experienced, if only so that you can tell your friends.

      At the low end, RI is kind of interesting in that it has a lot of local foods that no one has ever heard of. If you go to Flo's on the beach, you can get clear clam chowder and clam cakes. Del's lemonade is a kind of slushy that is surpisingly good. And frappes made with that weird coffee syrup that you can only get in RI.

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        For inexpensive food in Newport but simple try Mama Luisa's its a BYOB. Yesterdays is very good, most are a bit expensive but very good. Black Pearl I have some reservations on that but wont get into it

      2. If you like fun & funky, try the Salvation Cafe. I've eaten several tasty and inexpensive meals there. http://www.salvationcafe.com/

        I am actually going to Newport this weekend, and am looking to try a few new places. Will report when I get back.

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          Agree with Salvation Cafe. They food is always solid, the atmosphere fun.

          OP, there are a billion posts about Newport already. Search the boards.

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            Salvation is always a great meal.

          2. I always enjoyed the Salvation Cafe. It's a good place.

            1. Here's my go at perfect Newport weekend dining (assuming nice weather)
              Fri - roll into town and head to the outdoor deck at Black Pearl for cocktails and a cup of chowder. Stroll down Thames to reservations at Zeldas (prices vary but their $10 burger is awesome)
              Sat - breakfast at Corner Cafe on Broadway (you may have to wait a bit but the food is really excellent.) Go to Flos for lunch if you want really casual. Sunset cocktail at Castle Hill, then dinner at Mama Luisa's (best Italian in newport, great staff, and reasonable prices)
              Sun - Quick bagel or pastry from Bliss market, and save room for lunch at The Mooring

              1. We like The Mooring and have had a great dinner there, but when we were in Newport recently we ended up just doing drinks and apps. at the bar there, which was a great way to have an inexpensive dinner.

                Also enjoyed an excellent brunch at Castle Hill, though the live jazz was a bit too "smooth" for my taste. The lobster hash was tasty and they had a cheese plate with selections from Farmstead in Providence that was divine.

                1. Find some time to drive 15 minutes up Rt. 138 and have a tasting and a tour at Newport Vineyards in Middletown. Nice people and great wines. We especially loved the White Cap Port, the Vidal Ice Wine, and several of the reds. We took a day trip from MA down the the SouthCoastal Wine Trail on Patriot's Day and had a fabulous time. It wasn't hard to justify purchasing by the case lot. The RI climate produces grapes that can make for a smoother finish...their Merlot was far more pleasant and different than some of the Australian product on our local wine supplier's shelves.