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Apr 22, 2009 06:38 AM

Saturday on the Hill in St Louis

My wife, my son, his fiancee and myself are in St Louis Saturday and Sunday for Cards' games. My son and his fiancee have never been to "the Hill" so we thought we would take them on Saturday night.

My wife and I have been a few times before, I believe Cuneto's and Zia's for sure, but not sure about the other times. It's been a few years.

Any rec's on where we should go?

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  1. If what you want is quantity, both in terms of pasta and the amount of sauce poured over it, then Cunetto's may work for you, although they don't take reservations and you'll spend a long time waiting in line unless you show up when they open. You might try Lorenzo's. You'll find a very good Italian meal somewhat off the hill at Trattoria Marcella, or you could also try Onesto or Stellina Pasta if you're not dead set on going to The Hill.

    Cafe Stellina Pasta
    3342 Watson Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63139

    Trattoria Marcella
    3600 Watson Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63109

    Onesto Pizza & Trattoria
    5401 Finkman St, Saint Louis, MO 63109

    1. Italian restaurants on the Hill in St. Louis aren't often recommended on this board.
      My family does enjoy lunch or dinner on the Hill sometimes. Even Rigazzi's and Cunetto's so my opinion won't be popular here :o)

      HOWEVER, if you enjoyed your previous visits to restaurants on the Hill, then here are some other suggestions. Favazza's is pretty good. I like the crispy artichoke appetizer they offer. You can make online reservations for Favazza's.
      Charlie Gitto's on the HIll
      or hit Zia's again. It's one of our favorites.

      1. I concur with Irstl. I want to like the Hill more than I do. Great for an espresso or Italian supplies, but restaurants are so-so. However, you can hit Modesto, a Spanish restaurant specializing in tapas. Its fun and the food is good.

        1. Although I too am a diehard Cunetto's fan, the wait can be tough if you're not all about having a nice slow appie and cocktail and some predinner conversation. I have never been disppaointed there by Frank and his crew. Of late, I've become a pretty big fan of Guido's Pizza and Tapas @ 5046 Shaw on the Hill. Lots of good tasting variety on the menu for everyone and the pizza is right tasty.

          1. With all due respect to Alan, I would NOT go to Onesto or Stellinas. Stellinas has 4 nightly pastas and was out of one of them when I went. They have 3 red wines only, and their coffee was frankly terrible.
            .When I brought that to the attention of the waitress, she couldn't have cared less. I emailed the owner with my opinion of that and got zero response so they are off my list. To me they are WAY overrated.
            Onesto, if you want Pizza, there are several other places that are way better.

            For the Hill, I would recommend Tratorria Marcella.


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              Thanks for the info, FOTD. I made the recommendations based upon a friend whose advice I thought I trusted. I guess I'll have to do my own detective work.