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Apr 22, 2009 06:23 AM

Danbury - Southbury eats?

Heading up that way this weekend.

Looking for rec's for breakfast - lunch - dinner

We are not picky when it comes to food -

also - not interested in fancy & pricey this visit

we are looking around the area and want to check out the foodie scene as well !

Any special cheese / fish / tea / etc shops in that area worth peeking at?

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  1. Well, it's not a culinary wonderland so have low expectations. Rizzuto's Pizza Kitchen, exit 8 off 84, makes interesting pizzas & has serviceable entrees, nice atmosphere. If you are a Vietnamese lover, there is the ever-elusive, hard to find very good pho in Danbury at Pho Vietnam, exit 5 to rte 37 north.

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    1. re: BlueSoup

      Not very encouraging !

      with all the people who live up that way
      you think there would be a wide range of choices?

      No one eat out up there?

    2. I live in the Danbury area. We mostly cook rather than dine out.

      Do you like lobster? At Stew Leonard's in Danbury they serve lobster rolls, burgers and such in their "Hoe Down" outdoor dining area. Go inside the supermarket too, it's a hoot and a holler. (Inside has a hot food take out thingy, food can be mediocre to good.) Definitely sample the homemade potato chips inside the store, near the fried chicken counter. The chips are great! Maybe bring a cooler with you and pick up some reasonably priced, but good quality meat and pork. In the cheese area, Stew's also makes fresh mozzarella on the premises, and the imported Parmigiana Reggiano is the real deal. Also, you can sample food throughout the store.

      Ice Cream: The Ridgefield Ice Cream Shop on Route 7, near Danbury. Amazing chocolate soft serve. Great vanilla too.

      First and Last Cafe, which is just up the street from the aforementioned Pho Vietnam restaurant, serves pizza in a wood-fired oven. Eat it hot, without too many toppings.

      For breakfast, there are numerous diners in the area, such as the Windmill Diner on Mill Plain Road in Danbury.

      In Sherman, north of New Fairfield, there is the American Pie Company. Decent food, very good pies.

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      1. re: TrishUntrapped

        Thanks - - Didn;t know there was a Stew Leonards in the area - - I will have to look up directions !

        So would you say that First and Last is the Italian food place in the area?

        Is WINDMILL the diner to go to then?

        1. re: few

          I don't know what THE breakfast place is... probably something in Southbury as opposed to Danbury. The diners in Danbury are diners and you will get diner food. Basic egg dishes, waffles, pancakes...

          I mentioned First & Last for its pizza ONLY. Another pizza place that serves unique pizza is Pizzeria Laurentano's in Bethel. Very upscale and quite good. In Newtown there is Carminuccio's for pizza.

          For Italian...Yikes... I rarely eat Italian in the area anymore, but La Fortuna's on Route 6 (Stony Hill Road) in Bethel has always been one of my go to places to bring guests because the food is top shelf, very delicious.

          In my own little town of New Fairfield, I am partial to Portofino's for Italian. Partially, though because the owners are the most generous people on Earth, so that sways me.

          I don't think you will be disappointed with La Fortuna's...look them up online and see if you like the menu.

          Stew Leonard's is a riot...definitely worthy of lunch.

          1. re: TrishUntrapped

            Portofino pizza is the best. a real NY style pie.

      2. In Southbury, for breakfast and lunch there is a great place called Leo's. I used to work in Southbury and would get lunch delivered to our office. Their sandwiches and dessert bars were wonderful. The restaurant itself has a very nice, quaint type of decor. I'm sure you would be happy having either breakfast and/or lunch there. It's not overly expensive, but not cheap.

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        1. re: joan mar

          Check out the reviews on and for Leo's. We were in northern Maine last week and were looking for this type of place for breakfast and couldn't find it!

        2. Laurel Diner in Southbury is tops for breakfast--cash only. It is a greasy spoon with fantastic pancakes and out of this world corned beef hash. Omelettes are very good yet butter laden--(fresh) mushrooms and cheddar is my usual. If the choice is between Leo's and Laurel Diner, you must go to Laurel Diner.

          Right down the street from Laurel Diner is the Artisan Food Store. They sell tea, artisinal cheeses, chocolates, etc.

          Miranda's in Southbury has pretty good red sauce Italian cuisine. This is off Exit 14, across from Maggie McFlys and the Mobil station.

          Heritage Deli, on the road to Heritage Village, is a good place for a decent sandwich.

          In Newtown, Carminuccio's is great for pizza, Mexicali Rose is great, fresh Mexican, and Toro is good for sushi and Chinese. Carminuccio's aand Mexicali Rose are on Rt. 25 right across the street from one another.

          I'm less familiar with Danbury, but there is an asian grocery called Atlantic Market, right across Main Street from the library, that sells dim sum from NYC's Chinatown on the weekend. What's there varies, but they typically have soy sauce chicken, roast pork, some sweets, etc.

          Also in Danbury off Federal Road by the end of Rt. 7 is Bridgewater Chocolates. Not sure of their hours, but they have a website you can check out.

          Happy eating!

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            Agreed about Bridgewater Chocolates. If you go to Stew Leonard's they are further up the the road off Route 7 in a very bizarre building that looks like a warehouse.

            The chocolate is the stuff dreams are made of. I bought my two (adult-age, but still kids to me) children chocolate bunnies for Easter. They cost $22 apiece but they were the bomb. Seriously good chocolate.