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Apr 22, 2009 06:11 AM

After-school snacks

I'm at a loss. I have a sadly typical overbooked child who has either sports or music 4 days a week after school. By coordinating with the Spouse we're able to make sure that we have a normal sit-down family dinner nearly every night but the Offspring still needs a snack right after school. I'm running out of ideas.

I need something that can be consumed in the car without making a major mess. I rely a little too much on chips or popcorn because that's easy to grab and toss in her gym bag. I also use dried fruit and the occasional cookie. She rarely gets sweets at lunch so I don't mind doing some sugar in the afternoon.

Any suggestions for something neat, nutritious, and tasty?

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  1. Depending on age/dexterity of said Offspring, would she even look at hummus & veggies? There are small, single serve containers of hummus now on the market (someone brought it in to work to show us last week)...with some baby carrots, that might make a quick & neat snack.

    1. I keep ziplocs of fruit in the fridge that I can just grab on the way out the door. Apples, bananas, pears, etc. are virtually mess free. Sometimes the berries fall and get smushed but not often.

      Also, I make mini-sandwiches out of crackers and keep them in ziplocs as well. Usually just peanut butter or a soft cheese. They don't make too much of a mess, save for a few crumbs.

      The key is to prepare ahead and have ziplocs full of snacks ready to go, so you can just grab what you want on the way out the door.

      1. Val, yes baby carrots and dip is great. I love the presliced apples and the small containers of caramel dip. A little sweet but not too much. Chocolate and nut covered frozen bananas. Cut a banana in half put on a stick dip in the chocolate you can heat right in the micro and cover with nuts and freeze. Healthy and easy and quick. A small flour tortilla spread with a honey nut cream cheese and fresh strawberry or any fruit preserves rolled up.

        1. Can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. Good suggestions so far, but maybe, depending on the “Offspring’s” taste, some homemade trail mix or “chex” mix sweetened with chocolate chips and raisins or some such?

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            That is always great, I loved that as a kid. Dried banana chips and apricots were my favorite. I still love them.

          2. For your occasional cookie, oatmeal cookie with raisins or other dried fruit, applesauce or banana puree, walnuts or other nut. Granola and yoghurt.

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                Those are both good. Or you can just put raisins in a baggie or small plastic container. It's pretty easy now to find inexpensive "snack size" plastic containers you can pre-pack at the beginning of the week, and they're a little sturdier so you can pack stuff that's more easily crushed, like peanut butter and crackers.