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Apr 22, 2009 05:56 AM

where can i find ewephoria in cnj?

i have been looking all over for this aged, unsmoked, crunchy, nutty-sweet delight. it's made from ewe's milk, unlike most goudas, hence the name 'ewephoria'. the closest i have found it is in cc philadelphia and new york (murrays). has anyone seen this in cnj?

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  1. Don't know about ewephoria but Valley Shepherd Creamery has ewegurt. :-))

    Suggest you phone Valley Shepherd and ask.

    1. Summit Cheese Shop Summit NJ
      75 Union Place
      (908) 273-7700
      They do have it in a younger and an older..

      Bon Appetit Princeton NJ
      They are currently out of stock.
      They have another cheese which is similar but milder called Landana

      Hope this helps
      Sounds yummy - got to learn!

      Depending on where you are it might be easier to go into NYC or Phila
      Murray's Ships too!

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      1. re: shabbystorm

        I have seen ewephoria at Bon Appetit and at Wegmans (I believe). While you can typically get ewephoria nearly every month of the year, they do have a slow time of year when shipments slow down. I honestly cannot recall when that happens, though.

      2. When I was at Sickles market yesterday asked if they carried this cheese you were looking for.
        They explained that they have been unable to get that cheese?!?
        She then offered five or six other choices that would be similar...

        Just an FYI

        1. thanks for all the replies. i believe there is a waiting list for merchants who want to stock ewephoria. so far, it looks like my best bet is to check bon appetit the next time i am in princeton or order online from murrays.