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Apr 22, 2009 05:34 AM

Soft Serve Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Anyone know of any privately owned Soft Serve Ice Cream places in the Los Angeles area. Not interested in Frozen yogurt. I know about the Carvels, but I am in the mood for good old fashion soft serve.

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  1. At Farmer's Market, on Fairfax and 3rd, the ice cream stand on the west side (not bennett's), closer to DuPar's has soft serve ice cream-- chocolate or vanilla or swirl. I got some for my son on Saturday but I didn't taste it and he didn't want it (but my daughter enjoyed it).

    1. At least twice a month during the summer I drive along PCH and stop at TK Burger for a sandwich. Next door to TK is a great Dairy Queen with very good soft-serve Ice Cream. Good food at both places and great views of the beach.

      T K Burger
      110 Pacific Coast Highway
      Huntington Beach, California 92648
      (714) 960-3238.

      I have not been to these two places for at least two years but they make some very smooth soft-serve. Both places have the word "Custard" in there history but they really to not make true frozen custard (Ice Cream with more egg yoke). They make smooth ice cream.

      Silky Smooth Ultra Premium Ice Cream
      Beverly Center
      7th floor

      Strickland's Ice Cream
      4523 Campus Drive (next to Jimmy Z's)
      Irvine, CA

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      1. re: JeetJet

        Silky Smooth is closed. There's a Pinkberry near there now.

        Assuming you aren't interested in Fosters or DQ,
        Fisherman's Village in Marina Del Rey has an excellent soft serve. Can't think of the name, but it's in the heart of the Vilage.

        1. re: JeetJet

          Strickland's is very enjoyable -- try the turtle sundae.

          1. re: JeetJet

            Silky Smooth was genuine frozen custard with egg in it, the last one in the whole state of California (as of now). They simply deleted the name "custard" because it killed business, as that horrible name has done for every "custard" shop ever opened in California. Yes, they are closed now, but their phone still works, and they are apparently going to reopen nearby on 3rd St sometime soon. Meanwhile, for genuine, midwest style frozen custard fans, it's a trip to Phoenix or Vegas to satisfy the crave. My faves? Try Sheridan's in Henderson, NV, or Culver's in Phoenix. Neilsen's, in both cities, is pretty good too. Luv-It in Vegas is just OK, the vanilla is not bad, but the chocolate has almost no flavor.

            1. re: culinarycandy

              I am glad to hear they may reopen. I always thought they belonged out on the street in the open and not hidden in the back corner of the elephant. I hope for their own good they do not relocate near “Milk.” Those milkshakes at Milk, those chocolate cookies – OMG!

              Maybe you know something different about Silky Smooth Ultra Premium Ice Cream than I do. When I visited the place I asked to speak with the manager because I wanted to know how they make that product have the texture of frozen custard. I was told that their product does not have enough egg yolks to be classified as custard. Also, the machine they use, which mixes air as one of the main ingredients along with their recipe, results in a “Silky Smooth Ultra Premium Ice Cream” (hence their name) which has "the best of frozen custard, ice cream and gelato but not going overboard with cream and yolks -- which is a No No.” I recall thinking to myself "I am not so sure about cream and yolks being a “No No” or, for that matter, ever being able to go overboard with such." But hey, their product was great anyway.

              Not to discuss recipes here but only to give an example of crossing the threshold from ice cream to frozen custard. My fav is homemade using Alton Browns “Ice Cream” recipe which in my opinion, because of the cream and yolks, crosses over into frozen custard. Silky Smooth Ultra Premium Ice Cream is great and I do look forward to seeing their new street sign someday, but as good as it is, it’s not as good as Alton Brown’s.

              Vanilla -- OMG!
              Chocolate – OMG! OMG!

          2. Some of the 31 flavors advertise soft serve, I have not had.

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              1. I'll 2nd the rec for Strickland's in Irvine...good stuff.
                Also in OC is Joe's on Harbor Blvd in GG, just south of Disneyland....really good soft serve and Italian Ice as well.

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                1. re: RSMBob

                  I concur... I tried Strickland's years ago from a recommendation on this site and was blown away with the quality and fresh taste of the stuff. They literally served it up directly from the ice cream maker.

                  Though technically, this is frozen custard... not soft serve. But it's still delicious.

                  Mr Taster

                  1. re: Mr Taster

                    Well, I'll get your technically on a I understand it, although it is similar in texture to frozen custard (think Culver's Ted Drewe's, Kopp's in the midwest), Strickland's in NOT frozen custard because it has no egg in it.

                    From what I recall (and there may be some info on their website about it), the original recipe had egg, but they modified it due to a shortage of eggs during a war or something like that.

                    I think of it like BBQ foods (and the raving lunatics who go on and on about what real BBQ is)...I honestly don't care how it's made, I only care how it tastes, and Strickland's is far away from my home to keep it from being a too-regular habit!

                    1. re: RSMBob

                      Correct, Strickland's makes ice ceam. It is made in a machine originally designed to make frozen custard which produces very smooth soft-serve ice cream with th texture of frozen custard. I went there after a rec by Professor Salt.

                      1. re: JeetJet

                        I concur on Strickland's--no eggs, but made with a cool retro custard machine so at least it has the density of frozen custard, not quite as smooth or rich as the rea deal though. The major problem with Strickland's is their strange (money saving?) decision to use HFCS in their recipe... a real shame for a place that was founded in 1936 and supposedly has not changed its machine design or formula for 60+ years. Come on, it can't cost that much to switch back to cane sugar or honey, or for that matter to add the eggs back in. If they did, they would be top-notch...

                        1. re: JeetJet

                          Finally made it down to Strickland's and greatly enjoyed the custard like quality of their vanilla ice cream. They don't advertise that it's custard, but they don't deny it either. My only regret: that I didn't order a large cone. Whenever I'm in southern OC, Strickland's will be a sure stop for me. I sure hope Silky Smooth sets up shop soon.