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Apr 22, 2009 05:12 AM

Rome, looking for real Roman food/great seafood?

Looks like I'll be in Rome with my family in July. We will be staying at the Hilton outside of town (I know, I know, we had the points, though!) I was wondering if I could get a few specific restaurant recommendations. We are extremely big on trying unique Roman specialties, lamb and red meat, and truly excellent seafood, and would like to focus on those areas. I think my parents and I would also very much enjoy visiting a couple of off-the-beaten path but really top notch little restaurants. Something distinctive, unique, so forth....

We will also being going to Pompeii. Is there anything worth eating within easy reach of the ruins?.

La Pergola - This is going to be our blowout meal. Is it still worth every penny?

La Rosetta (seafood)
Osteria Il Bocconcino
Checchino dal 1887
Al Ceppo

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  1. Sounds like this place might appeal:
    off the beaten path: check
    good seafood: check
    atmospheric (in a bright and noisy way): check

    Da Franco ar Vicoletto
    Via dei Falisci 1/b, San Lorenzo
    Phone: 06/4957675

    Bonuses: cheap, local, not a tourist in sight.

    This resto is in the San Lorenzo/ University area, just south east of the train station, off Via Tiburtina. We were in Rome for a long stay, and wish that we had tried it at the start of our trip and not at the end. The big tip off was the crowd-- it is jammed every night of the week. A great place for a group. It is mostly, if not exclusively, seafood.

    1. al ceppo is very nice , reminded of an upper east side manhattan restaurant , checchino has an amazing wine list but specialty is offal (awful?) so bit tricky rosetta very expensive, havent been but herd mixed reviews.

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        Checchino has offal on the menu, in keeping with Testaccio tradition, but it scarcely dominates. Nothing tricky at all about ordering for the squeamish.

        1. re: mbfant

          We are very fond of offal so it'd go over well. :) Squeamishness NOT an issue.

          Decent osso bucco anywhere to be found? Can't get to Milan this time...

          1. re: CheBeret

            never had a decent osso bucco in rome. i've tried.

      2. osteria del pesce on the v. di monserrato in rome (off the campo de' fiori) is open for dinner. i missed it on our last trip, we just flat ran out out of time. give it a shot if you like fish.

        1. On the subject of seafood, has anyone eaten recently at Ezio on via Chiana (near via Tagliamento)? I haven't been there in years, and would be grateful for a recent report. Thanks!

          1. Try Da Vincenzo, 4/6 Via Castelfidardo. I was there many years ago. It is out near the train station.