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what would you serve with deli?

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I'm serving deli with potato salad, coleslaw, pickles etc. I want to put out some food to start, but I'm not sure what would really go. Deli is pretty heavy on it's own, but I always like to have something to nibble on beforehand.

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  1. Brischetta types of things --- Bagel chips or similar with a tapenade or two.

    1. I would really just put out some chips or something like that. Sounds like you got a pretty complete meal. can I come?

      1. I think marinaded vegetables kind of antipasti type. Like roasted marinaded eggplant, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, pickeled cauliflower, peppercini, roasted red peppers. Light, but with a strong flavor and something to much on before and after the deli stuff is served.

        1. What is "deli" ?. I know what A "deli" is (short for delicatessan). Just curious what "deli" the dish is ? Thanks.

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            NY deli - pastrami, turkey, rye bread - sandwiches will be already made up along with cole slaw, pickles etc on the side. It's for my son's 2nd birthday. I had a craving for deli and I wasn't up for cooking this year. Thanks for the ideas.

          2. Our tradition is chopped liver and crackers.

            1. all low effort:
              potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream
              shrimp cocktail
              smoked salmon mousse on cuke rounds or dark bread
              smoked whitefish salad in endive leaves
              fruit salad on skewers

              1. veggie platter with dip

                1. I'd go for lighter things and stay away from meats;
                  cheese straws would be the heaviest bread
                  grapes, straberries
                  mini quiche with leeks, asparagus, mushroom

                  1. A, not sure you really need an appetizer with deli food, but you could make a smoked salmon/Nova Lox dip and put out some bagel chips, vegetable crudities, Terra chips, etc. Could also put out minature pieces of gefilte fish, herring or smoked whitefish (smoked whitefish dip with nibblers would be good too). Could do a Jewish deli version of antipasto - assorted cheeses, maybe a little salami (assuming its not kosher), some marinated artichoke hearts, peppers & olives. If you need a recipe, let me know.