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Apr 22, 2009 04:49 AM

Grocery Store Lobster Meat Recommendation?


Saw this amazing recipe for lobster mac and cheese. Where do you recommend i buy lobster meat without buying a whole lobster? I'm just making this for myself, so it would be nice to not have to eat it for a week.

West-GTA prefered. Frozen okay.


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  1. Whole lobsters taste better and are cheaper 10.99 per pound a Sobeys this week. They will steam them up for you too if your squeamish.

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    1. re: Crispy skin

      Thanks Crispy skin - as i mentioned i would prefer not to get a whole lobster since its for one person. I appreciate letting me know they will steam them.

    2. Costco sometimes carries a large can of frozen lobster meat that is absolutely fantastic. I think it's around 18.99, and you can find it in the freezer where they have all the seafood. Whether they have it in stock right now, I don't know.
      I think Crispy Skin's recommendation is a good one, as well, though. If you're concerned with having too much, just buy a small lobster! T & T usually have good prices and lots to choose from, also.

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      1. re: redearth

        A small lobster doesn't have much meat, typically only about 4 ozs./120g in a well-filled 1 1/4 lb. model. For not much more expense the 320g cans, with a lot less work and mess, are a better value. Unfortunately all of the retail packs I see these days only contain claw and knuckle meat.

        Loblaws recently had the frozen cans on sale at $15 for a week and I stocked up at that price. We have been addicted to lobster rolls ever since we lived in NB.

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          Thanks - i realize fresh lobster is better, i was looking for a mid-week solo dinner option.

          1. re: iamafoodie

            Why unfortunately? I prefer claw and knuckle meat, myself.

        2. There's no comparison between freshly cooked and frozen canned. A whole lobster doesn't yield so much meat that it would last for a week (make a lobster roll with any meat you don't use in the mac and cheese). My recommendation is to go to a fish market that steams lobsters to at no charge and ask them to cut the whole thing, including the claws, in half, for easy removal of the meat. I'm sure that they'd also be happy to remove the meat for you at a possible slight charge (or not).