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Apr 22, 2009 04:40 AM

Blue Provence, Naples, "Discovery Menu" special

Last Sunday four of us tried the "Menu Decouverte" special at Bleu Provence in Naples, near the city docks (Daily 5:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. $23.95). Choose one appetizer, one entree and one glass of house wine from selected items on the main menu. We tried the snails in garlic and parsley butter, pan-grilled mussels with garlic and parsley, wild king salmon with creamy horseradish sauce with basmati rice and Provencal vegetables, gambas with lemon sauce, basmati rice and asparagus, and pork chop glazed with honey sauce, mashed potatoes, pears and apples. Outstanding in quality and value. (The pork chop especially was memorably flavorful). The price about equals the usual price of the entree only, so you are getting the appetizer and a glass of wine free for the price of the tip. The place was pretty full, even in post-season Naples, so call for reservations. (

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  1. Sounds good. They usually close for at least two months in summer. I love that restaurant, especially the amazing small Champagne houses on their wine list. I am happy there is a place that serves classic French cuisine. I wish they did lunch,as I am more often there shopping during the day.

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      I like that good, upscale restaurants like Bleu Provence are attempting to drum up business in today's economy with specials. But I wish that they would offer them all night on certain weekdays rather than just at "early bird" times; we do not like to eat dinner that early, and we also like to make our excursions from Ft. Myers to Naples trying to avoid rush hour on the 75.

    2. I was underwhelmed by Blue Provence the only time I ate there...maybe I will revisit it to give it another chance...once I get over my obsession with I M Tapas anyway heh

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        I share your obsession. Interestingly, IM Tapas had been our first choice, but they were closed on that day because Isabel was doing a private dinner for someone. Oh, I would have liked to have been in *that* group.