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Apr 22, 2009 01:38 AM

Non-rodizio Brazilian food?

Does anyone know of an LA restaurant serving food from the NE or coastal regions of Brazil? I miss vatapa, moqueca, carne de sol com abobora, quiabo....

I've been to many of the LA brazilian restaurants but they all seem to hew to the grilled meats and salad model with a few vaguely 'tropical' offerings.

Any input would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Moqueca in Oxnard will make you very happy.It's far but worth the drive.

    Woodspoon in downtown LA has incredible food, and at times does regional meals probably including the nordeste.

    I just had a beautiful plate in Rio a few weeks ago: carne de sol, abobora, e couve from Bar do Mineiro.I too would love to have that right now!

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      thanks for the input! moqueca might be a little far but i'll definitely check out woodspoon. any relation to the various 'colher de pau' restaurants in brazil?

      that plate sounds fantastic and was exactly what i had in mind. believe it or not i used to live down the street from the bar do mineiro, down the hill a little bit and right off of the largo do curvelo.