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Apr 21, 2009 08:36 PM

Bangalore Recommendations needed

Will be spending a week in Bangalore on business trip in May, staying at the Leela. Interested in either excellent local flavor or 5-star dining. Thanks!

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  1. For local flavours, don't miss Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR), Lalbagh Road, for its legendary Southern India vegetarian meal. Read more here:

    One of my favourite restaurants in the whole world: Karavalli at Taj Gateway Hotel on Residency Road. Divine Keralan seafood dishes.

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      Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)
      Lalbagh Road Bengaluru Karnataka

      66 Residency Road, Bangalore, India

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        Thanks so much for your recommendation. I took my group to Karavalli tonight and it was outstanding. We had two different prawns dishes, red snapper and lamb - all were excellent. Great atmosphere and service.

        Thanks again!

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          I'm glad you enjoyed Karavalli as much as I did. When I first came across the restaurant a few years ago, it was 2 weeks into my stay at Bangalore - but the restaurant's food totally blew me away: it was better than anything I'd tasted in the city up till then. It was an epiphany.

          The following year, Karavalli's tremendously talented chef, Naren Thimmaiah was invited as India's representative to the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore, where I had the privilege of tasting his cooking again.

          Interestingly, he'd just been voted India's best chef this year by the Indian Tourism Board:

    2. If you're still in town and want to take a break from S. Indian food, I would recommend Harima, 131 Residency Rd, for quite authentic Japanese food. I was in Bangalore week before last and had a wonderful meal there. I had the avocado sushi (very fresh), edamame, and terriyaki tofu - which had a wonderful, pillowy texture and terrific, intensely flavorful sauce.

      1. Not 5-star, but for Punjabi food in Bangalore, Queen's on Church Street is my choice. No-frills, but lovely food - spicy, but flavourful - not just chilli. And their Dal Makhani is one of the best things I've ever eaten at a restaurant.