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Apr 21, 2009 08:30 PM

Mighty Cone a Disappointment?

I know alot of people are huge fans of the chicken avocado cones, but I just don't get it. Here's my review. Please let me know what I'm missing out on!

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  1. you should just post your review here if you want us to care. I liked it. great lunch stop.

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      Not hospitable. If people are unaware of the etiquette/rules/fine points of this board (ie most people), it's good to let them know...nicely. This board has gotten snarky.

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        Yes, I'm new to Austin Chowhound. I did not know that my post exhibited poor etiquette. Apologies.

        So here's my review:

        I'm totally going to get slammed for this. But this eating experience is seriously an emperor's new clothes moment for me. People rave about Hudson's on the Bend's Chicken Avocado Cones from ACL. I haven't been to ACL yet, so I was super curious. I've also never eaten at Hudson's but always wanted to go. When I read that Hudson's was going to open up a trailer on South Congress, I was excited...over excited.

        I ordered the fries, the Deluxe Chicken Avocado Cone & Shrimp Avocado Cone on my first try. When I went in for my first bite, I got a wiff of a semi-revolting smell from either the sauce or cole slaw that was on top of the chicken and ignored it. As I bit into the cone, I was unpleasantly surprised by how hard the fried coating and how dry the chicken were. This was very hard to swallow. The shrimp from the shrimp avocado cone was also super hard. I couldn't even taste the shrimp. Their "special batter" was simply to hard and unimpressive although the list of ingredients sounds unique: sesame seeds, almonds, chili flakes, sea salt, sugar, and corn flakes.

        The aroma that I initially smelled got increasingly difficult to bear. It hung around in my mouth as I chewed the chicken. This next comment seems rude, but I'm quite serious and think it best describes my experience. The sauce or slaw or combination of the two smelled and tasted like vomit. Perhaps the sauce went bad?

        I decided to give Mighty Cone another shot with the Cone Dog on a different day. Another disappointment. I did not like the texture of the dog. THe venison was completely lacking in natural juices. On top of the non-descript texture and bland flavor of the dog, the slaw and heavy-handed use of mustard drowned out whatever little taste was in the meat. Utterly disasterous.

        Please, can someone explain to me why everyone likes these cones so much?

        1. re: Food Dilettante

          Thank you so much for the detailed and engrossing description. Now I have to try this myself to see just what the hullabaloo is...thanks again...I'm afraid, this is like truth or dare! Where on Congress is it?

          1. re: neverded

            Mighty Cone is located at South Congress and Monroe, in the same lot as Hey Cupcake. It's on the strip where First Thursdays are held.

            Let me know what you think!

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              Hudson's on the Bend is really good but the cost limits it to special occassions. Definitely not in the lower level of those cones. Surprised they are connected

    2. I haven't tried Mighty Cone yet, but I never understood what the fascination was with the ACL cone stand. Usually the contents of the cone were overcooked and/or cold.

      I did notice Mighty Cone lowered their prices in response to some negative feedback on Yelp! I like when a business actually pays attention to what people say about it and attempts to improve.

      1. I was also disappointed by Mighty Cone. Ate there a few weeks ago and found the cone to be, as you said, a bit over done with a sauce that was cloyingly sweet. I was hoping for better. Thanks for the review. It certainly will make me think twice giving this venue a second chance. Didn't know that this stand was affiliated with Hudson's. I'm surprised, given the excellent food I've had there.

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          The mostly horrible (2 stars out of 5) reviews on yelp! are enough for me to never try this place.

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            Great review of The Mighty Cone in today's Wall Street Journal. Might have to give that a try. Sure sounds good.

            1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

              I just checked to see if someone had posted the link, nice to see Austin featured so prominently. That Desert Truck sounds awesome!

        2. I went yesterday for the first time and...enjoyed it. It wouldn't be the first thing that pops into my head when thinking of where to go to lunch. I got the Purple Pig special. It has purple cabbage, pulled pork, and honey mustard. It was pretty good. It was really drippy and a challenge to eat, but I'm just the kind of gal who doesn't like being all, but that's just personal preference, some people don't mind as much. As for the actual food, the pulled pork was delicious, and the purple cabbage was really fresh and pretty, however, I wished there was more pork and less cabbage. There was a lot of cabbage in it, which was really cold and the pork was hot, which was kind of a fun contrast. They should have gone a little lighter in the honey mustard sauce, but all in all, it was tasty. The tortilla wasn't that great, but I didn't go there for a good tortilla. Mighty Cone is just a fun place, if you don't absolutely LOVE your food, just enjoy being on SoCo and next to all of the fun trailers and shops across the street. It is a cheerful, different place to go, even if their food isn't super impressive.