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Apr 21, 2009 08:02 PM

Dinner/bars after St. Louis game?

I am heading to St. Louis this weekend for the baseball game, but it's been a few years since I've been there. From my past experiences, I don't remember too much downtown in terms of restaurants and nightlife. With the new stadium, has anything changed? Any suggestions on where to get dinner downtown after the game on Saturday?

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  1. If you can get in, try Anthony's Bar. Sort of caddy-corner to the new ballpark on Broadway, run by the same folks who own Tony's.

    1. My favorite in that area is 401 Olive, in the lobby of the hotel on the corner of 4th Street and Olive. Good food in a relaxed atmosphere. The building was originally a grand 19th Century bank; so, the lobby is very interesting.

      Since 401 Olive is in a hotel, you can get food at any time of day: if the restaurant area is closed you can ask the bartender for a menu and get served in the bar.