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Apr 21, 2009 07:26 PM

After Jr. Prom, need a sit down sweet shop

My daughter and her friends are going to be around the Times Square area about midnight and I am trying to find a place for them to stop for a really great dessert. I need a place that has seating as there will be 18 of them.

Last year I found a great sweet was designed like an old time sweet shop with the little white table and chairs, but with a more sophisticated dessert menu. It had a website, with amazing photos, but I cannot find it, no matter how hard I search.

Can someone recommend a place?


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  1. Was it in Times Square or further away? Do you recall if it was more French pastries? Italian sweets? American? Asian?

    Could it have been Veniero's? Bruno?

    Party of 18 + sit down service + after midnight will be difficult at most places that are often recommended here.

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    1. I cannot remember where it was, but Serendipity looks similar. I am not sure what site I was on, but it listed the best ofs...I found it under desserts and sweets, and as far as I can remember they had a website with photos. For all I know, it might be gone by now.

      Veniero's looks promising, even if it isn't close to Times Square. They do have limited time, but will be driving around in a Limo, so I don't think it is that far.

      It doesn't have to be a sit down for 18...they can get separate tables or maybe even do a counter thing, or buy it and eat it on the street....they do need to be in and out, so what I am really looking for is a quick bite in an interesting area. I guess even a slice of pizza or an appetizer type thing is OK..

      .I just want the kids to come home from prom and be totally WOW'ed at the great time they had. I will take any suggestions at all!

      Thanks so much!

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      1. re: mysterysinc

        > They do have limited time, but will be driving around in a Limo, so I don't think it is that far.

        I think you underestimate traffic on a weekend night in the city, which can be pretty bad.

      2. It opened recently, but Sweetie Pie would certainly fit what you want:

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        1. re: Stuffed Monkey

          DO NOT GO TO experience this weekend:

          This place is beyond awful - started with passive aggressive hostess who was utterly snarky about us not having a reservation and then still couldn’t manage a table when we patiently waited - we did not complain about there being a wait but we still don’t expect a hostess to roll her eyes at you.

          Then we asked for bread at least 5 times - was told it was being "toasted" then it finally arrived cold - apparently it was being thawed because they use frozen bread.

          Our food was terrible - while we were ok to pay whatever the jacked up prices were for the 'experience' - we were not expecting for example a pb&j on burnt wonder bread with the cheapest clear diner jelly and worst peanut butter ever - a better pb&j could have been had a corner deli - and while this seems petty since it is after all a pb&j - check out the one at 'wichcraft: home made Pullman loaf, organic peanut butter, preserves and all for $4 less than this place.

          When we were asked if everything was "ok" and we mentioned the food our hostess looked appalled and essentially blamed us saying "this should not have been our experience" - as if she had never seen what actually is brought out by the kitchen - the burgers looked to be burnt with barley melted cheese slices and supermarket buns - the 'schnitzel' looked to be fried in week old oil - I have no idea why anyone who was there tolerated this

          At the end we had hoped, 'ok this is meant to be a cute soda shop’ and we'll have desert thinking they will redeem themselves - but this was not to be the case - my son's ice cream sundae arrived totally melted - it was soup.

          I do not recommend going here for any reason at all. It felt like such a rip off.

          1. re: Stuffed Monkey

            this BTW is what my son's sundae looked like within 3 seconds of arriving.....

          2. Head up to the UWS to Cafe Lalo.

            1. go down to Blue Ribbon Bakery great desserts, great food, open late

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