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Apr 21, 2009 06:36 PM

Grilling/Barbque-ing Cookbook recs?

Hi Hounds -
My goal for the spring/summer is to acquire some grillin' n barbecue'n skills (I do know the difference between the two). I'm a longtime gas griller making the switch to charcoal.

Wondering if you fire-loving chowhounders have recommendations for great cookbooks that explain the art of grilling or barbecuing or have particularly great recipes. I own Chris Schlesinger's Thrill Of The Grill...

King Carnivore (Boston)

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  1. I have been happy with Weber's big book of grilling.

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    1. re: roxhills

      I second that--the Weber book is my Bible.

    2. Here is my Bible:

      I've gone through almost every single recipe in this book, including some that sounded disgusting (the peanut butter, bacon and other stuff sandwich) and they all were really good. The book provides some good info on BBQ techniques, how to's, etc.

        1. i'm not sure if there is a single best grilling cookbook. most books make some initial assumptions about what sort of cooker you have--many will assume that you have a weber, or similar kettle. a common opening line is "build a fire for indirect heat." this makes perfect sense to a weber user but requires some transposition if you're using a big green egg or a good-one, e.g.

          if you're a weber guy there are loads of recipes on the food network site as well as epicurious--those supplemented by the weber book for technique would be enough. while its glossy nature is potentially off-putting, the williams-sonoma <complete grilling> is actually pretty good --if you're looking for clean-hands, upscale urban recipes consistent with the temperature range and fire duration of a standard kettle grill.

          for the several years that i used a good-one--a very heavy combo grill and smoker--i made good use of <smoke and spice> by cheryl and bill jamison. this one is aggressively (almost to a fault) down home and doesn't have any pretty pictures.

          i now use a big green egg--though i have a back-up console weber for parties. i became too enamored of the high-heat i could generate on the good-one. this estimable cooker would burn for hours under 200 but could be superheated too. even high heat grill paint kept coming off and eventually rust became a problem--well, i also melted the fire grate trying to perfect a charred/rare steak.

          there is quite a community of big green egg users on line and a nice compilation of bge recipes, too.

          1. all the books in the bbq bible series by steven raichlen. global in scope, every flavor under the sun. the original bbq bible is an excellent start, as is bbq bible:sauces, rubs, and marinades. the guy is a cordon bleu trained chef who spent 3 years traveling the world eating 'cue.

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