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Getting Married this Friday at City Hall (second question)

Some of you probably read my first post and I really appreciate all of the recommendations. However, after looking at most of the menus at these highly rated places, we realize that we are looking for something just a little bit different. We don't want the typical American Continental fare that is served in most of these places. Could anyone recommend a place that would be good for a special occasion that serves a more innovative menu. We are open to all different cuisines: mexican, thai, middle eastern or just a more creative Italian menu. Although our parents would probably like the French/ American Continental fare, we figured we should do what's best for us. Hopefully you guys understand what I'm asking and thanks so much.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I really like Del Posto for special occasions. Its a creative Italian menu and a special feeling place. The food and service have been spectacular when I've been there and the tasting menu is excellent (although maybe not necessary if you're going with 6 people since you can taste each other's food). I haven't seen it mentioned much on Chowhound but I'm a big fan.

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      I had the most delicious chocolate pudding at Del Posto during a lunch last year. I still dream about it. And the space IS really nice.

      What about Perry Street? One of my favorite lunches. Great value, good food, lovely space.

    2. How about Casa Mono, on Irving Pl just above 14th St? It's a small room, but would be totally fun for a quick wedding party. Since you're on the early side, maybe you can get a table rez, six is their table limit. The food is great and it's the kind of place that might make both you and your parents happy...

      No way is it Traditional Wedding, but that's not what you appear to be doing . . .

      1. I would suggest Tabla. Chef Floyd Cardoz creates truly unusual dishes which, while based on New American cuisine, have a great deal of Indian influence. Thus, a meal at Tabla is filled with a variety of intriguing textures and subtle flavors. We had the tasting menu not too long ago, and it totally blew us away.

        Service is cordial and professional, as is the case at all Danny Meyer restaurants. The spacious dining room has colorful eye-catching decor, and the enormous windows provide a lovely view of Madison Square Park.

        Dinner service begins at 5:30. However, the more casual Bread Bar on the street level is open all through the afternoon. So, you can start by having a drink there before proceeding to your table upstairs at Tabla.

        If you decide to go, be sure to tell them it's your wedding celebration dinner.


        Again, best wishes on your impending marriage!

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          I second Tabla and would add Devi, which serves delicious upscale Indian food in a pleasing setting. You could also look into Tamarind if you like Indian.

          You did not mention Japanese, but in that category I might suggest Kyo Ya, which is excellent upscale kaiseki cuisine, different from the Japanese food (sushi) you might be used to in NY. It does tend to be more subtle where other cuisines you mentioned are more bold flavored.

          Corton is sort of standard French/American, but is more playful and innovative than other places you might look.

        2. At the risk of being a broken record, Scarpetta all the way. They start serving dinner at 5:30. And keep calling Babbo to see if they get any cancellations.

          Otherwise, for innovation above all, go with WD-50 (recommended on the prior thread) or Tailor.

          Actually, if you're serious about Thai, I can highly recommend Kittichai on Thompson Street--intimate room with enough of a special occasion feel and, if you're not looking to go whole hog molecular gastronomy-level for your innovation, it definitely takes a creative approach--not your neighborhood Thai restaurant. Like most (if not all) of the others, they open at 5:30. You shouldn't have any problem getting a reservation.

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            Kittichai has a beautiful decor but I think that the flavors in their cuisine are slightly off.

          2. What about Il Buco, on Bond Street? The decoration is quirky, the Italian food is quite good, and there's a downstairs room in a wine cellar that might be perfect for a slightly more private gathering.


            Il Buco
            47 Bond St., New York, NY 10012

            1. Double Crown might work, they serve very inventive dishes, have a well-thought-out interior, and lively atmosphere. Although it's possible that it may be too casual for what you are looking for.

              Scarpetta and Tabla are also great suggestions and would second those.

              1. what was it like to get married in City hall? my fiance and i plan i doing the same in May...any tips? is it appropriate for family to join us? what rest. did you choose?

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                  FYI, while I didn't myself get married at City Hall, I have been to weddings at City Hall. The approach people take runs the gamut. There are people there in jeans, and wedding parties dressed out the full nine yards. Sometimes it's just the two people, and some of the couples bring twenty people with them. It is crowded and joyous and a little bit funky and gritty, as there are some lines to wait in and forms to fill out, and when it's close to your turn they load you with ten other couples or so into a fancier private room to wait, then take you one couple at a time into the private wedding room. Plenty of room for family to join. It's actually nice and interesting in its own way--then you go out those double doors and take pictures and emerge into the day. It's not a bad way to go. Eleven Madison Park is fabulous afterwards for lunch.

                  P.S. go first thing as soon as they open; it will cut your wait time by a lot.

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                    Good advice all around. As planetjess points out, they take some care to provide a decent service and create a good memory for you. My sister-in-law and her husband got married at City Hall in October of 1996, and by chance it was the same day the City had a parade along Broadway for the Yankees, who had won the World Series a few days earlier. . They never tire of telling people that 3 million people showed up for their wedding. We all walked over to Odeon on West Broadway after the ceremony, as we were keeping it pretty informal.

                    Agreed that Eleven Madison Park is fabulous, on every level. For something less costly and closer to CIty Hall itself (perhaps a 10 minute walk) is the restaurant City Hall in Tribeca. Less fabulous and less expensive than Eleven Madison Park, but quite good in its own way, and with a rich and varied wine list.

                    Whatever your choice, all the best on your ceremony and your future together...