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Apr 21, 2009 05:50 PM

Does this luncheon party menu sound ok?

I am planning a luncheon party for about 35 people. It will be a buffet. Does this menu sound ok, or is it too skimpy? If it needs another finger food, what would you suggest? I thought about doing mini quiche or cold tortellini with pesto dip if I MUST have something else to avoid the table looking sparse... but I was kind of hoping to keep this as scaled down as possible.

Mini Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches
Caprese Skewers
Gourmet Cheeses & Crackers & Grapes
Strawberries & Pineapple with Fruit Dip
Strawberry Jack Salad

Twice Baked Small New Potatoes
BBQ Chicken Breast Tenders

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  1. What about taking away one of the "colds" and adding another "hot"

    I'm not sure what, or maybe make the mini pork sandwich a hot sandwich and then it could be either a mini sandwich, chicken tenders and then a bunch of cold dishes that go w/ those 2 hot options?

    Though, it does sound like enough food, and if you dont' want to change it up at all, I think it's good!

    1. What will the male/female mix be? I think it sounds great, but I agree with tiffee that one more hot and one less cold might be a good idea, especially if there are many men attending. Overall for a luncheon though this is a great balance. Just one question though... What is strawberry jack salad?

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      1. re: cycloneillini

        is it that strawberry salad they mix with mayo?

      2. I'd dump one of the strawberry ones - you already have one and then there are the grapes. You might be able to nix both strawberries if you make an expanded cheese platter to include sliced fruit like apples, pears and strawberries next to the cheese they compliment.

        Pork sands and BBQ chick? How about a substantial cold salad and another hot item like something green or maybe corn mini cobs. If you are going with BBQ - you could make all the buffet items more BBQish - slaws, beans, corn, fruit salad with yogurt style dressing... Gourmet cheeses and BBQ chicken seem odd together.

        1. Like others I think your hot/cold balance is off. I'd make the Pork a hot sandwich, even going so far as to make it Pulled Pork...

            1. re: babette feasts

              ha ha Actually... this is a chocolate theme party. The fruit dip is chocolate. The pork is cocoa rubbed. And the BBQ sauce for the chicken is a dark chocolate bbq sauce. That's why the weird mix! I'm not sure what a strawberry jack salad is... one of my guests is insisting on bringing it.

              I am trying to keep this as simple and elegant as possible, without spending the entire pre-party in the kitchen (make ahead stuff is good!). Also, oven space is limited. I don't see how I can cook the pork, keep it hot, then make sandwiches and still have them be warm when it's time to serve... especially if I'm also wrestling with the potatoes and the chicken in the oven... I don't own chafing dishes and would really prefer to avoid crockpots. Do you think I really need something hot? If so, any suggestions how to do it logistically?