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Apr 21, 2009 05:23 PM

Dinner with a baby

My husband and I are coming to NYC for 3 nights in May with our 4 month old daughter. I want to have a couple of great lunches and dinners and am looking for recommendations for really good restaurants. We're both foodies (and hope she will be too!). I'm not worried about my baby, she normally sleeps peacefully in her stroller, but just want a few great spots with room for her stroller where the waiters and other patrons won't be tripping over the wheels. Price is not a concern, just great food. Some thoughts:

Per Se for lunch?
Balthazar? I think it might be too tight there.
Union Square Cafe?


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  1. Instead of Balthazar, I'd recommend Artisanal. We brought our son there several times while he was between 3-10 months. They are very accomodating, and I actually prefer the menu and atmosphere to that of Balthazar.

    I would imagine Union Sq Cafe being very accomodating for you as well.

    I would advise against bringing the baby to Per Se. I'm sure the staff would accomodate, and there would be more than enough room, but it's one of the few places that I don't think a stroller/ carrier would be appropriate if for no other fact that dinner is a minimum 4 hour event. Even for lunch I'd advise against it.

    Some other recommendations where we've brought/ seen babies (would recommend telling them when making the reservation):
    L'Atelier Joel Robuchon
    Gotham Bar & Grill

    I'd also recommend going to one of the deli's: sarges, or katz's would likely work well.

    1. It is totally inappropriate to bring a baby to per se. Period.

      Union Square Cafe is a more casual place, so I don't think there woud be a problem bring the baby along to lunch (though not to dinner). But it's best to call and ask if the stroller will be o.k.

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        I couldn't agree more, Per Se is no place for an infant It is not fair to the other to be rude, but if you can afford Per Se, you can afford a babysitter....

        1. re: Cpalms

          how would someone in town for 3 days get a babysitter??

          I do tend to agree that Per Se isn't the right place to bring a baby....way too long a meal (I have a 7 month old that has been to many dinners since being born, so I have zero against bringing a well behaved infant to a restaurant)....and considering how quiet the restaurant is, you'll feel terrible if the baby fusses.

          Cru would be pretty accessible with a stroller. So would Hearth, which I love. Artisanal is a good suggestion, esp as its noisy anyway :) WD-50 would work too.

          1. re: Nehna

            They can ask the concierge at the hotel for a recommendation for child care services.

      2. We have a 9-month old and I second Artisinal if you are a big cheese fan. Also, August on Bleecker and Zampa on W 13 are great for lunch (and probably dinner too but I've only been for lunch), Il Buco and Cookshop for dinner. Just warn everyone in advance that you have a stroller and you ought to be fine. Are there any particular neighborhoods you're looking to dine in?

        1. I've taken my 2 year old to both Balthazar and Artisanal since she was little and both have been fine. In both places you leave your stroller at the door and you can just carry the car seat over to the table. We also have taken her to Jojo, Otto, Momofuku Ssam Bar and Nobu-all have been totally kid friendly and fine....we go to dinner at 5:30 so that also helps b/c by the time we're finished with dinner the restaurant is just starting to get crowded.

          1. dont hold back on taking your baby to any NY restaurant (including per se)..we have a 7 month old that has napped in several of the finest dining establishments this city has to offer. one of our favorites for brunch is five points on great jones street, they have large tables with lots of room in between them which makes for very comfortable stroller parking, are nice & accomodating, and the brunch menu (and bloody mary's) is awesome.