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Apr 21, 2009 05:07 PM

Pancakes in DC

Where can I find great pancakes in DC? Plain, sliver dollar, blueberry, chocolate chip-it doesn't matter.

Bluebucks at Market Lunch are high on my list but I need a place with table service. Thanks

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  1. Florida Avenue Grill has great breakfast.

    1. I love The Original Pancake House in Bethesda. (I'm almost positive that's where my bf took's been awhile). The pancakes, as you can imagine are great. I remember having pumpkin pancakes and chocolate chip. Very good!

      I use to go to the Diner when I lived in Adams Morgan when I got a late night pancake craving (for some reason it comes at night for me vs the morning).

      Mmmmmm now I'm craving pancakes.

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        There's also the OPH location in Falls Church on Rt 7, a couple of blocks north of the intersection with US 29 in the same strip mall as the Starbucks.

      2. Assuming that IHOP isn't your thing, there is one stand-out in this area - The Original Pancake House.

        Their signature dish is the Apple Pancake, which is a made-to-order, German-style dish. Essentially, scalloped apples with cinnamon and sugar, browned in a skillet, then covered in a very egg-ie pancake batter, and then the skillet is thrown into a hot oven to be finished. It balloons up in there, and they turn it out onto a plate to be served. It's HUGE!

        They are also one of the few places that will make a Dutch Baby, which is a lemony-tasting, balloon-like pancake made with the same type of egg-ie batter, in a skillet, in an oven.

        They also have other breakfast foods, waffles, and savory dishes. The only thing I don't like about the Original Pancake House is that they are always crowded on Saturdays and Sundays.

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        1. re: Sean D

          I really like the pancakes at Tastee Diner-Bethesda.

        2. Although I never have been there for b'fast, Ben's Chili Bowl has pancakes on the menu, along with much-maligned corned beef hash. Now I do have to check it out.

          1. Totally irrelevant to this local recommendation, but the very best pancakes I've had in my life came from this popular local place in the Catskills (NY) area - Sweet Sue's. They were the biggest, lightest, most sumptuous pancakes I've ever had. Worth a detour.

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            1. re: Sean D

              I can attest to the goodness that is Sweet Sue's!! A must try if you're in the area.