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Apr 21, 2009 04:54 PM

Must eats in Santorini

We will be in Santorini for a week at the end of June and are looking for the best reqs. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - you name it we will be eating and REALLY want to experience the best places!

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  1. I had stayed in Santorini (Ia, on the North Side of the Islandm and were you can see the best sunset) and have quiet a few lunches & dinners at "Skala" (translates to stair).

    SKALA ( Ia ) Phone : +30 22860 - 71562

    Beware, there is at leasr on other taverna called Skala in the main city (Fira), so look for this one.

    Ia is a very pleasant village to visit anyhow.

    1. Gotta seriously recommend a little dive of a souvlaki place called 'Luckys'. It is right by the bustop in Fira, and is FAB... and about the cheapest place to eat on the island.

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        Ditto this... had to eat here for a few meals after going broke at 1800.

      2. Ginger Sushi Lounge is in Santorini and its simply amazing.
        Fresh sushi and creative tastes just 10 minutes from Fira in a very cozy and traditional
        Definitely recommend it .

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          We thought the food at Red Bicycle was very good, in Oia. Also, head over to the beach one day, Perivolas is surprisingly nice, even with the black sand. When there, look for Notos Restaurant. Outdoor seating, like most other places, but a cut above. Great tomato fritters, calamari, fish etc. Looking at the ocean it is to the left, with blue chairs. Also, head down to Amoudi Bay for a late lunch. Very memorable with the sun glinting off the blue ocean and the boats bobbing right in front of you. Have fun.

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            I second the Ammoudi Bay recommendation...Tis Pandoras and Sunset tavernas out of the 4 are my favorite.
            Also, Roka is excellent excellent food in Oia for reasonable prices. It is near the municipality and buses- you can ask someone around there how to get to it. I also loved Ambrosia & Nectar.
            I wrote about detailed reviews of 5 restaurants in Santorini:

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              Second Red Bicycle. Great food, casual atmosphere, and beautiful view of the caldera and Oia.

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                Yummm I remember a wonderful plate I had at the Red Bicycle- Pork Loin covered in peppercorns with poached peaches...just excellent.

          2. Just returned from Santorini and wanted to add a couple of recommendations in case anyone else researches this thread, like I did. First, I wanted to underscore the Lucky's Soulvaki (Fira) suggestion. We had lunch there several times and it really is great. They do a pork gyro that is really fantastic. Also, they have spit roasted chickens that I didn't try, but heard several other people raving about, and the guy who served us said it was what he ate.

            We didn't do any of the high-end eating, but our best meal was probably the Sunset Taverna in Amoudi Bay. Combination of excellent fresh seafood, good wine, and and an unforgettable setting, literally watching the sun drop into the sea. We had both grilled squid and octopus, and a giant platter of red mullet. A real treat. And amusing to watch the stray kittens wandering under tables looking for scraps.

            We had two really good meals at To Aktaion in the square in Firostefani. This is just a family-run taverna, but quite inventive with the standard menu. There was an outstanding appetizer of fritters made with fava and served with pickled mackeral. I cannot stress how delicious this was. Their moussaka was easily the best version I tasted in Greece. They also do a really nice fish, dredged lightly in flour and fried and served with a nice assortment of roasted vegetables. Just tradtional food, beautifully prepared. (Compare this to Simos and Nikolas, other tavernas that were recommended to us, and it blew the others out of the water.)

            We had a pleasant lunch at Blue Note in Imerovigli, where the view is stunning. The highlight was the mussels appetizer. The mussels (huge) were steamed in Santorini white wine and vin santo along with shaved fennel. This is actually enough for a whole meal, so with a salad on the side and some bread, it was perfect.

            Late in the week, when we were getting tired of taverna food, we went to the Italian restaurant Il Cantuccio in Firostephani. Really nice pizzas and pasta. The freshly made gnocchi was the standout. Also the fresh buffalo mozzerella was excellent. Nothing really earth-shattering as far as Italian dining goes anywhere else, but added some nice variety to the week's meals. (Note that you can get pizzas as take-away too.)

            I have to say, for all the fuss everyone makes about getting the Santorini tomatoes, white eggplant, capers and fava, we didn't really manage to find great examples of any of these items, and felt like we really had to go out of our way to find them. Everyone has some kind of fava dip on the menu, but only one restaurant (Blue Note in Imerovigli) had a truly tasty one. We did have the white eggplant a couple of times, and it was always nice, but I was surprised to find that it was something you had to order specifically. If you ordered the standard moussaka or roasted eggplant dishes, it was always the conventional eggplant that was served. You'd think everything would be made with the local specialty. And I'm not sure if the tomatoes were just out of season, but they were nowhere in sight. The cherry tomatoes in the local market were in a box labelled "Italy", and the tomato keftedes (fritters) we tried had just a small amount of tomato mixed with a bunch of other chopped veggies, and the tomato flavor was invisible. It seemed kind of tragic that these lauded local food items were so difficult to find at local restaurants.