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Apr 21, 2009 04:26 PM


Where is everyone's favorite/best cup of coffee from? We have a Miele coffee maker that grinds new beans for each cup of coffee. The aroma, freshness, taste, temperature,strength, and quality of it is incredible. So sadly, I have never had a cup of coffee elsewhere that has impressed me nearly as much. I'm spoiled rotten with excellent coffee every morning. Where in Austin is there really good coffee? I may never have coffee that I like better, but would like to know who makes decent/good coffee. Cafe Medici and Texpresso have been the best for me so far.

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  1. I am not a connoisseur/expert by any means, but I really love the French press at Thunderbird and the fair trade at Corona Cafe. Anderson's is good, too.

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      The house roast at Texas French Bread is from Anderson's. Excellent.

    2. One of my classes has been meeting at Cafe Medici on Guadalupe recently and I've been really impressed with their coffee. My only complaint is how stuffy it gets upstairs.

      But I don't go out for coffee as much as I used to, especially since I started cold-brewing my own in order to appease my addiction to iced lattes.

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        I recently had a good cappecino there, but seating was the only problem. I agree that it is stuffy and crammed inside and outside you are looking at the street and the chairs/stools aren't comfortable. But they do make good coffee.

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          Do you use the Toddy system by any chance? I've wondered how well that worked.

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            What is the Toddy system? I'm intrigued!
            All I do is mix 4 cups of ground French Roast (rough grind, as if you were using a French Press) and mix that with 12 cups of cold water. Let sit for at least 12 hours, then strain into a pitcher.
            I use my French Press to strain it, which retains all those lovely oils. I don't know how long the coffee will keep, since I always drink the whole batch within a week.
            Very good over ice with milk. I also use dark chocolate syrup for iced mochas. Last night I made a batch and threw in cinnamon sticks with the coffee. Now all my mochas taste like Mexican chocolate mochas (which Epoch makes brilliantly, by the way).

        2. I typically make my own coffee (currently an Allegro single origin from Costa Rica that I buy at Whole Foods), but when I do venture out, I wind up at one of Caffe Medici's locations. To add something new to this conversation, I'll say that one of my friends recently took me to Once Over Coffee Bar on S. 1st, and it was great. The couple who own and run the place are super nice, and they take their beans very seriously. There's the requisite Wi-Fi, and plenty of room until the masses catch on.

          The very minimal webpage:

          1. Emerald City Press is a charming little place owned by the delightful Emily. It's on Lamar near 10th street and has a drive-through and walk-up service. They may have their outdoor seating now, after a mighty city permitting fight with the neighborhood bullies who didn't want them to be able to have tables and chairs outside.

            They make a mean double iced soy latte. Rich and very flavorful coffee with a deep roasted flavor. I think they use Katz coffee.

            1. Go ahead and crucify me if you must, but I am a coffe addict and I have yet to find a better cup of drip coffee than Starbucks' bold selections (not Pike Place, which is strictly average imo, with Komodo Dragon being my favorite).

              Trust me, I want badly to support the local coffee shops and I do every once in a while - but the coffee simply does not stand up. Summer Moon is the closest I've come.