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Where is everyone's favorite/best cup of coffee from? We have a Miele coffee maker that grinds new beans for each cup of coffee. The aroma, freshness, taste, temperature,strength, and quality of it is incredible. So sadly, I have never had a cup of coffee elsewhere that has impressed me nearly as much. I'm spoiled rotten with excellent coffee every morning. Where in Austin is there really good coffee? I may never have coffee that I like better, but would like to know who makes decent/good coffee. Cafe Medici and Texpresso have been the best for me so far.

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  1. I am not a connoisseur/expert by any means, but I really love the French press at Thunderbird and the fair trade at Corona Cafe. Anderson's is good, too.

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      The house roast at Texas French Bread is from Anderson's. Excellent.

    2. One of my classes has been meeting at Cafe Medici on Guadalupe recently and I've been really impressed with their coffee. My only complaint is how stuffy it gets upstairs.

      But I don't go out for coffee as much as I used to, especially since I started cold-brewing my own in order to appease my addiction to iced lattes.

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        I recently had a good cappecino there, but seating was the only problem. I agree that it is stuffy and crammed inside and outside you are looking at the street and the chairs/stools aren't comfortable. But they do make good coffee.

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          Do you use the Toddy system by any chance? I've wondered how well that worked.

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            What is the Toddy system? I'm intrigued!
            All I do is mix 4 cups of ground French Roast (rough grind, as if you were using a French Press) and mix that with 12 cups of cold water. Let sit for at least 12 hours, then strain into a pitcher.
            I use my French Press to strain it, which retains all those lovely oils. I don't know how long the coffee will keep, since I always drink the whole batch within a week.
            Very good over ice with milk. I also use dark chocolate syrup for iced mochas. Last night I made a batch and threw in cinnamon sticks with the coffee. Now all my mochas taste like Mexican chocolate mochas (which Epoch makes brilliantly, by the way).

        2. I typically make my own coffee (currently an Allegro single origin from Costa Rica that I buy at Whole Foods), but when I do venture out, I wind up at one of Caffe Medici's locations. To add something new to this conversation, I'll say that one of my friends recently took me to Once Over Coffee Bar on S. 1st, and it was great. The couple who own and run the place are super nice, and they take their beans very seriously. There's the requisite Wi-Fi, and plenty of room until the masses catch on.

          The very minimal webpage: http://www.onceovercoffeebar.com/

          1. Emerald City Press is a charming little place owned by the delightful Emily. It's on Lamar near 10th street and has a drive-through and walk-up service. They may have their outdoor seating now, after a mighty city permitting fight with the neighborhood bullies who didn't want them to be able to have tables and chairs outside.

            They make a mean double iced soy latte. Rich and very flavorful coffee with a deep roasted flavor. I think they use Katz coffee.

            1. Go ahead and crucify me if you must, but I am a coffe addict and I have yet to find a better cup of drip coffee than Starbucks' bold selections (not Pike Place, which is strictly average imo, with Komodo Dragon being my favorite).

              Trust me, I want badly to support the local coffee shops and I do every once in a while - but the coffee simply does not stand up. Summer Moon is the closest I've come.

              1. Coffee is my main vice and so few people do it right (especially downtown) that until lately it's been my practice to make it at home on a french press. I like the coffee at Caffe Medici, but they are not on my way to work, and I'm mostly a morning drinker, so that rules them out. Luckily (or unluckily for my wallet) Teuscher Chocolates and Coffee opened just down the street from my office, and I've been buying my coffee from them every morning. They use Cuvee Coffee, by far the best local roaster IMO. Cuvee is also used by Medici and Once Over, so they are a common thread among many of the places people like. I alternate between drip coffee, americanos, and coffee made on the Clover machine as a special treat, and all are excellent. I don't drink milk, but my coworkers also like the lattes. It's my favorite coffee in town.

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                  So is Teuscher the shop with the clover machine or someone else? I have been curious to try that out.

                  Also Thunderbird on Koenig/Woodrow use Cuvee as well. At home I like to use either Cuvee or Andersons depending on where my errands take me.

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                    I think it's JP's Java that has the Clover machine.

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                      According to the articles I've read, Teuscher has the Clover. Love JPs though!

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                        Yeah, just did some looking, Teuschers does have the clover machine...they mention it (and have pics) on their website.

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                          JP's Java also has a Clover, or at least they did. I tried it on a lark and liked it.

                          The Clover locator is now on the Starbucks site (now that they own the company) and it's not very helpful.

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                        Cafe Clementine on Manor has just switched to Cuvee as well, so you have a third location :)

                      3. I went to Teuscher's this afternoon by your recommendations. I got a mocha, not the smartest idea when trying to see if a place has good coffee, but I really liked it. I could tell that they make good, strong coffee. It had dark chocolate shavings in it and wasn't made from a syrup, nor was it too sweet and chocolatey. Now I have an excuse to go back again to get actual coffee. I really like the store, clean, pink:), and cheerful. And I like the location on W. 2nd street. Sitting outside is a nice deal because it is a wide sidewalk and their are new, chic restaurants, boutiques, condos, galleries, etc. to look at in the area. I also brought home some of their truffles: magnifique! Austin is lucky to have a Teuscher's, I noticed on the door that their only locations are Zurich, Tokyo, New York, Beverly Hills, and Austin.

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                          They have several more locations:

                          * Atlanta, GA
                          * Austin, TX
                          * Beverly Hills, CA
                          * Boston, MA
                          * Chicago, IL
                          * Las Vegas, NV
                          * Newport Beach, CA
                          * New York, NY (Madison Ave)
                          * New York, NY (Fifth Ave)
                          * Palo Alto, CA
                          * Philidelphia, PA
                          * Portland, OR
                          * San Francisco, CA
                          * Toronto, Ontario
                          * Berlin, Germany
                          * Geneva, Switzerland
                          * Zurich, Switzerland
                          * Hong Kong, China
                          * Kuala Lumpur
                          * Tokyo, Japan
                          * Singapore
                          * Yokohama, Japan

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                            Haha, thank you. I did think it was strange that Austin would be one of 5 places in the whole world!

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                            Medeci was the best coffee I've had in town, but it's in a part of town I hardly ever go so I never make it over there. I've been in the habit of going to Jo's on S.Congress almost every morning, and I've never really had a bad cup there. The line can be a bit of a pain. I really like Once Over because it's on my way to work, but they do one thing that annoys me - when I get an Americano, they pour the water in after the espresso, and the crema's just gone. Important step.

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                              I agree that the iced mocha is awesome, but that place has some accounting problems. The last time I bought a mocha (and if I remember correctly, it's about $5 for a darn coffee drink), I saw it appear on my pending charges in bank acct. Then about 8 months later, the charge appeared again! I called Tuescher and asked what the hell was going on (b/c I thought it had gone through) and the manager said that they had been having some problems w/ a charge machine and no payments had gone through for 8 months.

                              How can you not notice that?

                              The best coffee for me is Once Over.

                            2. friar tucks pantry in round rock has great french pressed coffee and the coffee comes from a company in mn.i think its paradise roasters.

                              1. I actually sold one of the best commercial coffee machines for several years and buy my coffee for home at Texas Coffee Traders. They have a custom made air roaster that roasts the beans differently than a barrel or drum roaster. They have a terrific selection. Some organic and free trade. They also do tastings as well. As far as a local place Ruta Maya is my fave along with Mozart’s and Summer Moon. As far as Starbucks, it'll do in a pinch but in general it is over roasted, bitter and the top of my coffee shouldn't look like and oil slick.

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                                  I'll second Texas Coffee Traders if you need to buy beans. They will also sell you unroasted beans if you roast at home. I've bought beans from a number of roasters in town, and the coffee trader is our favorite, and has become the new standard among my co-workers for the office machine as well. RC the owner is always happy to talk and will pull you an espresso. They have a huge selection of beans from all over the world.

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                                    Once Over Coffee Bar brings the mad scientist style to Austin.


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                                      Chef-are there any shops in Austin doing individual drip coffee's like Blue Bottle?

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                                        I think Houndstooth Coffee does individual drip coffee. I have not seen them doing it but they have the stand with the individual pour over cones. Check with them to see if they actually do it.

                                2. The new guy in town, Houndstooth Coffee on N. Lamar is my favorite. These people really know their stuff, and when you order an espresso they ask you what kind of bean you want. Very cool.

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                                    Houndstooth (by far the best espresso in town, they also serve French Press, Pour Over, and Syphon),
                                    Once over (great overall),
                                    JP's (the best clover),
                                    Cafe Medici (good french press) are the excellent ones.

                                    I'm sure most of you also read