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Apr 21, 2009 04:04 PM

Olympic Mountain Ice Cream Co.

I've enjoyed Olympic Mountain brand ice cream in desserts at Steelhead Diner, and I just found it in Scoop Du Jour in Madison Park. These guys make good ice cream. I am particularly fond of the coconut almond fudge flavor.

Does anyone know where else Olympic Mountain is sold around Seattle? Do they sell pints anywhere? Does anybody else agree that this is darn good ice cream?

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  1. They are the best, you can visit them in person about 2 hours from Seattle (Ferry Ride plus 45 minute-1hr drive, in Mason County). I've been to the home of the owners where they have a full factory, the husband, sorry cannot recall hard, day and night to keep ice cream churning and business afloat, he and his wife do most of the work. I came away with awesome flavors, many samples in of my favorites when it comes to sorbet is the mango and also the lemon and lavender mix, don't flinch...must try!. Olympic Mountain Ice Cream, nestled in Skokomish Valley, was named by ice cream expert and syndicated columnist Stan Isaacs as one of the “Top 10” chocolate flavors in the world.

    In answer to your question, several restaurants sell 1-2 flavors on the dessert menu in Seattle area. You must go to an actual ice cream shop where you can sample many flavors. Call to locate an ice cream dealer near you. They do have one in Shelton, had one in Port Orchard, but as you know ice cream shops that just sell ice cream dont tend to stay in business during the winter. These are private shop owners, who sell Olympics product.
    Address: 221 W Bambi Farms Rd, Shelton. (360) 426-0696
    Website is not complete. These people even make the homemade pies that are incorperated in some of the icecreams. All authentic ingredients, if you read the name of the icecream, thats whats in it, thats what it will taste like! Enjoy. Now Ive got a craving!