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Apr 21, 2009 03:46 PM

Favorite Roundy's Products?

So, I used to really hate Rainbow Foods.

But, last night I was eating some Roundy's Organics Blueberry Jam and I couldn't stop thinking about how impressed I was with a generic product. I've had really good experiences with the Roundy's Organics frozen pizzas too. Nevermind the amazing bulk section section at the Midway Rainbow, but that's another topic entirely.

(To the board admins, and those who don't know: Roundy's is Rainbow Foods' store-brand. I'm pretty sure its only available in the Midwest, and maybe only in MN.)

It seems silly to pay full brand-name price when the generics are of such high quality. Are there any you really like?

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  1. Gosh, I don't know if I can come up with a favorite, but I will confess to generally liking the quality of the Roundy's store brands. I tend to be a hard sell, but when the Hub smells a special or has a coupon I get sucked in! And I can squeeze a dime until Roosevelt weeps as well as the next, so the store brand has been very acceptable. Check out the New Chateau d'Rainbow on Larpenteur. It has a liquor store. No Roundy's brands in there I think!

    Biggest gripe about the brand: the name. Why do I want to eat something named "Roundy's. Too evocative of what I try to avoid!


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    1. re: cayjohan

      Ha! Funny, my introduction to the Roundy's brand was "Roundy's Sandwich Cremes", which, if you're unfamiliar with them, are faux Oreos. (fauxreos?) A friend bought them.

      I didn't realize right away that Roundy's was the brand, and thought it was part of the name of the cookies, which are definitely round!

      Anyway, I can't especially recommend the sandwich cremes, but, then, I don't eat oreos really, either, so it's possible that the Roundy's are as good or better than the Oreos.


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Funny you should mention this. Just this morning I was lamenting I'd bought the Post Frosted Shredded Wheat rather than the Roundys' brand (the branded one was cheaper due to a sale). The Roundys' is much better.

        That store brand wasn't always called Roundys I don't think. That seems to be fairly recent. BUT the store chain itself, I'm given to understand, was called Roundys back in the day, like 20 years ago? My MIL still calls Rainbow Roundys, if that's not too confusing. The name was changed for obvious reasons, stated above. But they must have retained some kind of Roundys corporate identity or something.

        1. re: jeanmt

          I think Roundy's was a regional chain in WI, according to my Hub, who was a collegian there. Roundy's bought Rainbow, hence the store brands' naming.

          Are there still Roundy's stores?