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Apr 21, 2009 03:31 PM

big birthday dinner on a sunday

We need a special place for a birthday dinner -- on a Sunday. This means that her usual suspects for big blow-out occasions -- Daniel, EMP, and Jean-George -- are off the table.

Suggestions? Needs to be great food and lovely place. But not Per Se!

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  1. What my partner and I do when a birthday falls on a weekend is to have the celebration dinner on the Thursday before or the Tuesday after, but if this is not acceptable to you, your choices on Sunday are extremely limited, and if a restaurant is open it is usually the chef's day off. You could try Aquavit, though I found the atmosphere sterile and service rather stiff. Bouley is also open. I have not been there since a very bad experience years ago, but there are many who recommend it.

    1. I highly recommend Veritas. We have been there several times since Chef Gregory Pugin took over the kitchen last summer, and his French cuisine is truly sensational! As it happens, we had dinner there a few Sundays ago, and though Chef Pugin was not in, his sous chef did an absolutely masterful job. We did the spring tasting menu (we had done the regular tasting on one of our previous visits), and every dish was perfectly prepared and incredibly delicious.

      Veritas has, of course, an extraordinary wine list; service is cordial and polished; and the intimate dining room has lovely ambiance.

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        I can also recommend either Adour Alain Ducasse or Atelier de Joel Robuchon. I would stay away from Aquavit: the main dining room is closed on Sunday as well and I second the comments regarding the service on the prior post.

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          I'm afraid you are mistaken. Opentable lists available reservations at Aquavit (main dining room) on Sundays.

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            You are correct, rrems. Aquavit's formal dining room is open for Sunday dinner.

            With regard to service, we've been to Aquavit twice. When we had lunch there, the young woman who took care of us was very pleasant and efficient. The other time was for the Sunday smorgasbord, so we mainly served ourselves. However, the staff did a prompt job of clearing plates and replacing silverware.

      2. I know it isn't mentioned often on this board, but I've had lovely dining experiences at Del Posto. The tasting menu was wonderful and the service is amazing! I've recommended it to several friends for special occasions and they have all enjoyed their experiences there.