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Apr 21, 2009 03:00 PM

CSAs in Calgary

Does anyone know of a CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) in Calgary? I keep reading about the great CSA services in other parts of Canada/US but can't seem to find any in Calgary. Thought if anyone would know it would be Chowhounders!

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  1. Oxyoke Farms near Three Hills is one. However, their shares are sold out for this crop.

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    1. re: sarah galvin

      I paid $230 for a half share - which is enough for 2 people for the entire summer. June until October.

    2. Did you see this article already?

      It mentions
      "Thompson Small Farm, Alberta's newest CSA farm, is jointly owned by Andrea Thompson and Jonathan Wright, and is located an hour's drive northeast of Calgary.

      The couple is in their first year as CSA farmers, and are looking for subscribers; an annual outlay of $400 will provide each subscriber with 18 weeks worth of produce raised without chemicals or hydrocarbons and planted according to the biodynamic calendar."
      Thompson Small Farm, phone (403) 572-3032, e-mail wrightjd@telusplanet.net

      And the three part article written by the owners.

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      1. re: cancowboy

        I did see the Calgary Herald article right after posting here. I tried the website but it bounced. I will try to call tomorrow. If I get through & get more info I will post it here.

        1. re: Merry113

          I emailed Thompson Small Farm & it looks like they are full/almost full for this year. I am 5th on the waiting list. :(

      2. I hadn't known such a thing existed--thanks for the introduction, Merry. I just visited the Thompson Small Farm website at http://www.thompsonsmallfarm.ca/ and it looks like you can e-mail for more info about joining the community.

        Does anyone know of CSA's that grow mostly fruit? I'd love to have a familiar local source for jam ingredients.

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        1. re: aktivistin

          There is this post from a while ago:


          Nice litte map, but I am sure there are more places than what is on the map.

        2. You might try these guys and see if they are still in operation - the website is under-maintained but stil active.

          Also have a look at the "Member Bios" - maybe they have joined another CSA if this one has dissolved.
          Not sure how they would feel being contacted out of the blue but they allowed their phone numbers to be published on the site.

          1. There is an article in the current City Palate (May/June 2009). Just out in the last day or two - the website is not updated yet.
            It is about one family's experience with Thompson Small Farm last year.
            The author only found three CSAs in Alberta in 2008 - two in the north of the province.
            Mentions Oxyoke, www.tipicreek.ca and www.sparroworganics.com