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Apr 21, 2009 02:56 PM

Casual brunch after a 5k on UES?

Next weekend my family will be here to do the Revlon 5k in Central Park. Afterwards we are always hunting around the UES for lunch/brunch options, but we end up settling on anything because we are starving. What's a good place that will take us in our runner's clothes, but is not just a diner or pub or has a bad wait? We've done Cafe D' Alsace, Cilantro, Tenzan, etc- looking for something with good quality food, not just burgers & salads.


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  1. Square Meal - at 92nd just west of Madison has lovely food, quite well priced.

    1. If the weather is nice, try Beyoglu...delicious Turkish (81st and Third Ave.)
      or Amber (corner of 80th and Third)

      check them out on www.menupages,com

      both have outdoor seating

      1. I also like Bistro 61 at 61st and 1st; great omlettes, yummy burgers. Its normally not too crowded on a Sunday, so I think running attire would be fine. And they do take reservations.