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Great Cakes in Greater Dallas

When I lived in WInter Park FL there was an unbelievable restaurant called the Bubble Room that was as famous for it's cakes as it was for it's wacky decor. They sold the most amazing cakes (the best Red Velvet in the world!)

I cannot find any REALLY good cakes in this city. Celebrity can be good and Stein's is OK (better for petit fours)...can anyone tell me where I can purchase an amazing Red Velvet, Italian creme, carrot or German Chocolate cake

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  1. Try http://www.stcafe.com/ there white rock cake rocks. They also have all of the above.

    1. although there is a lack of top pastry goods here, i must steer you to society bakery for red velvet, have compared to sprinkles and the cake at society itself is excellent moist and full of flavor.. the icing is buttercream if you like that.. but i am sure they have other selections, they do a huge wedding business. have tried their iced shortbreads, but so far i go to tart for iced shortbreads.

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        While I like buttercream, the standard icing on a red velvet cake is sweetened cream cheese.

      2. When you say, "in this city," can you tell me which city it is you're talking about?

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          Greater Dallas...where is Society Bakery?...definintely no buttercream on Red Velvet!

          Thanks for the suggestions!

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            It is next to Corner Market who has a wide range of sandwiches most of which aren't that great and overpriced. I stopped in to Society to look around but really wasn't in the mood for sweets. It looked pretty good but I can't attest to it...just know where it is. SE Corner of Greenville and McCommas

            3426B Greenville Avenue
            Dallas, TX 75206

        2. Although it's been some years, my aunt, uncle, grandmother and a slew of cousins used to live in Dallas. Their favorite cakes in those days came from the Highland Park Cafeteria. You can buy cakes that are already made, or you can special order. As I recall, their Red Velvet Cake was especially good. It does have a cream cheese frosting.

          And Neiman's used to do some mighty fancy and tasty cakes for special occasions. Look at this beauty: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/cat...

          It's probably not what you're looking for, but georgous nonetheless, no?

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            Gotta love Neiman's! Did you see the price on that baby!?

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              Yep. I guess I'd better get two!

          2. I've had some excellent individual slices of Italian Creme, Carrot and German Choc from Whole Foods (Arlington, Forrest(?) LN and Richardson) and although it's been a number of years ago, found them to be better (much moister and richer tasting) than a couple of different cup cakes that I've had from Society Bakery.

            While good, I think SB gets a lot of positive hype simply because they are in a jazzed up, high profile neigborhood. While they are hands down better than grocery store varieties, to my liking, they are not as good as some would have you buy into. The good thing is that they offer cupcakes in the most popular selling varieties of cake - so you can give them a test run without purchasing a whole cake.

            Oh, and if memory serves me correctly, Red Velvet is supposedly their "signature" cake - and I'm fairly certain it comes standard with the traditional cream cheese frosting. Frosting on other (cup)cakes are buttercream.

            1. The Neiman Marcus Cafe, attached to the Neiman Marcus downtown store has fantastic cakes. I remember the Italiam Creme and carrot to be my favorites. Very moist and full of flavor. You can buy slices or whole cakes.

              1. hey fellow piont lover : try Henk's/Black Forest Bakery. It's on Blackwell, behind the Half Price Books on Northwest Highway, a block east of central Expressway. Good cakes, plus good attitude...thay will bake you anything you wish.

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                  I will say the Swiss Madrissa cake at Henk's is one of the worst cakes I have ever tried. It was so dry of crumb I had to drink water with it to swallow it. The topping was nothing I would ever want on my cake but I had always heard raves about it and it is their number one cake from their website or it was about a year ago. The Black Forest Cake is the same at Kuby's which is where Henk used to work...so no surpise there. I never taste any kirschwasser in any of the Black Forest cakes though....I wonder why?

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                    sorry you had a bad cake........that situation with Kuby's is one of the reasons I have always been loyal to Henk's; having said that , their products can stand on their own; I like the deli, the restaurant, and the bakery. AND, I like your posts on this board. It would definitely not be the same without your encyclopedic posts....please keep up your very excellent efforts.......THANKS.

                2. I buy most of my Birthday cakes at Dallas Affaires. Their cakes are delicious and are decorated beautifully. They are expensive. Another bakery is Jackie Spratts. She is in Univeristy Park on a side street. You can look her up. Her cakes and cupcakes are wonderful. Give her a call. She will create whatever you want. For Italian Creme I've heard Panini Bakery on Sherry Lane is good. They do a variety of baked goods.

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                    I second Panini Bakery. We bought a Chocolate Mousse cake for an office party, and 6 people asked for the address/phone number to use later. It was fantastic.

                  2. No question that Buli's on Cedar Springs has the absolute best chocolate cake I've ever tasted. They also have several other varieties but I've never managed to get past the chocolate.

                    1. I've had good luck with cakes from, Dallas City Market on Lovers Lane and, Wholefood's.
                      Most of Wholefood's cakes are baked in Dallas at a central commissary. Some are previously frozen. Just ask.

                      1. Further to my above post, Costco bakes really good cakes for the money. I mean, huge cakes for under $10.00!

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                          I would agree that Costco has reasonable cakes if you are looking for something slightly better than a grocery store cake. If you are looking for an above average exceptional cake then you have to hit one of the high end bakeries. My favorite was a chocolate cake with layers of chambord.

                        2. Dallas Affairs is the absolute best in town. Henks for german chocolate. Aston's used to be good but haven't gone since discovering Dallas Affairs. Specialty cakes from Las Duni are fantastic. Trulucks for carrot cake (not sure if they make it or get it from somewhere else) I grew up eating Steins and still do on occasion (petit fours). Society is good-especially cupcakes-almost as good as Dallas Affairs but only rarely does Dallas affairs have them for walk up customers.

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                            Trulucks has some very good pastry. The malt chocolate cake is heavenly. I never eat a dessert 9well rarely) after a nice meal, I simply cannot eat that much food. But almost ways would take home a little somethin' somthin'.

                            I was at Eatzi's yesterday purchasing a to go meal for an ill friend (yes I can cook, but was worn out) and happened by the pastry counter. The cakes taste as good as they look, and they are baked on premises. The chocolate oblivion is wow! You can even buy a small version (slightly larger than cupcake sized).

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                              Le Gaeteau Bakery next to Javiers. Its owned and operated by a super nice couple. They do a great job every time. Very consistant and reasonably priced. Awesome Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate and Champagne cakes.

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                                Dallas Affaires used to be my favorite, however, I now have a new favorite. Jackie Spratt Cakes. She used to own/operate Le Gateau years ago. She also makes wonderful cupcakes - each flavor better than the next. In fact, she makes a terrific filled cupcake. It's quite large with your choice of fillings - it could easily feed 2 or 3. Give her a try - you'll never need to go elsewhere!

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                                  I became a huge fan of Jackie Spratt's after she did all the cakes and goodies for a friend's wedding a year ago. Incredible cupcakes too!