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Apr 21, 2009 02:47 PM

Wholesome Choice Now Open in Anaheim Hills!

A branch of the Wholesome Choice in Irvine, just opened in Anaheim Hill at La Palma and Imperial.

They have a whole selection of Persian food, plus fresh Sangak Bread - addicting.
Also, an international food court.

I just dread the parking and traffic as the Imperial construction continues, and more people go.

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  1. I just finally went to the one in Irvine by my house. OMG, I can't believe I've lived so close to an absolute treasure and didn't know it! I've heard of this place, but finally got a chance to go. In a nutshell, it's like combining Whole Foods, your run of the mill grocery, and a Henry's all in one with a Mediterranean/Persian/Indian spin! Here's what they've got:

    - CHEAP produce (5 bunches cilantro - $1, heads of romaine - 2 for $1, 3 lbs of red onions for $1, and 4 bunches green onions - $1).
    - White Rainier cherries for $2/lb, WTF?!?!?!??! Regular bing cherries for $1.69/lb
    - Deli counter with SLICED TO ORDER meats.
    - Pita/lavash/flatbread galore! I also saw some Challah there too.
    - Crazy spice aisle with everything imaginable.
    - Tons of spice mixes for Indian dishes, various legumes and grains like couscous, quinoa, and barley.
    - Plus you can find most of your usual needs like tortilla chips, taco mix, normal bread, Oscar Meyer cold need to go to another store!
    - Ready made food area with Chinese, Greek, Mexican, Pizza, and Persian stations.

    I usually hit up at least 2 grocery stores based on price and need for my weekly shopping, but I can totally just come here instead. Really nice staff, pristine clean, and AWESOME. You have to check it out if you've never been, I'm a convert.

    1. The parking is a disaster at the new Anaheim Hills store, to the point where I'm ALMOST about ready to buy panniers for my bike, because the store is only half a mile off the bike path.

      The place is an absolute gem. Cheap, huge selection, good turnover, great meat (AND CHEAP!!!)

      1. I'm a big Wholesome Choice fan, is there anything like that in LA County?