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Apr 21, 2009 02:38 PM

Disappointment in WPB for Dim Sum

It was my birthday and I wanted to have Dim Sum. When looking at what was close we ended up to going to West Palm Beach to a place called Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine. We arrived at 12:30. They are a smaller restaurant so you are given a list to fill out like you sometimes do for Sushi. We made our choices that looked very promising. Each selection from sui mai to fun gor was either overcooked and rubbery or when you bit into something it spewed out the oil like it was drenched in it. i think I will wait to go back to Tampa for TC Choys for my next Dim Sum hankering. If anyone knows of a Dim Sum on the east coast of Florida, please post.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your birthday bummer. I have eaten once at GLCC and ordered off of the regular menu. I have eaten dim sum at Singing Bamboo in WPB only once so I cannot make a solid rec to you on them. Maybe some other local folks who frequent SB can give you a more solid rec from their experiences. My sole visit was very good but I am not a dim sum specialist.

      1. We had the same experience with both restaurants. Don't believe Dim Sum is their forte!
        I would recommend two restaurants in Miami, one highly and if you number the Asians that go there, that says a lot! Canton Palace in a plaza on 8th Street. The second place is South Gardens on Sunset and 107th. They changed hands over the last year and going thru a transition. Good eating...

        1. Take I-95 North, go about 1500 miles and follow the signs to Mott Street!

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            ha ha .... nice Sunday drive..... I'm sorry, I should have read more of the reviews.. I see an active discussion which includes South Gardens.. They've redecorated, changed management and I'm sorry to say their food has been inconsistent. We now frequent the Canton Palace, which is much smaller no carts you order off a list but the food has been consistently good... I hate to make it public, but if you like dim sum as much as we do enjoy....

          2. Anyone have a place closer to the Treasure or Space coast to recommend? We live in V(Z)ero Beach.